b2b as a bond. A back2back of exchange between its founders. A mix of wardrobes and cross
over history as a performative act of improvisation. back2back embodies the vision of Yolanda Zobel and
Marcelo Alcaide, premised by their initial collaboration in the helm of the french house of courrèges, where
they initiated the genesis of this work in progress, deeply connected with the based status quo of the late

Within its kaleidoscopic perspective, the brand seeks to explore a constant and permanent state
of experimentation. The brand engages with the current market through its unique methodology,
empowering end consumers to articulate the multi-functional pieces in their own wardrobes and by
exploring the symbiotic relation between hermeneutical garments and linguistics, intending to extend the
continuous rhythm of experimentation inherent to improvisation as embodiment for freedom and liberation.
Within constant transformation, the garments are a clear expression of a (post) contemporary self -
materialised and perpetuated, through of a common language of exceptional forms that transform the
unconventional into ordinary, without the constraints of a predetermined choreography.
b2b intends innovation and determination as well as imperfection and concern. It celebrates the
process as much as the product: the raw, the real and the imperfect are as valued as the final article. A
celebration of the morphing organism by blurring the boundaries for new modality of relations, making the
presence of the body tangible as transparencies reveal an absoluteness of intent that adapts to reality by
returning us an analysable body, a manipulable one. On editing the narrative of the body in wildly
contrasting scenes, b2b reveals the pattern of meanings that is woven into our community's reality.
back2back seeks to create a comfortable fetish by utilising seemingly ordinary materials in their designs.
The brand embraces a functional and straightforward sensuality, making the inappropriate appropriate
through unexpected openness and transparency. Distortion and transparency are constantly disrupting the
surfaces; the fabric is tampered, shaped, it is cut and reunited with zips, strings, revealing new possibilities
of the fitting.

The monochromatic textile choice adds a canvas element to the garments, which works in
tandem with conceptual intimacy and warm intelligence, symbolically setting the tone for their journey. The
black and white colour choices in this collection serve as a foundation, with future collections expanding
into a broader spectrum of light, colour. back2back plans to release curated selections of approximately 30
ready-to-wear items twice a year. Collection 01 incorporates materials such as cotton polyamide, technical
cotton, cotton drill, nylon taffeta, shirting popeline, viscose lining, cotton jersey, lycra, and polyamide jersey.
The collection is available in α sizing, ranging from XS to XL. All back2back items are sourced and
produced in Europe, with a predominant focus on Portugal and Italy.
In a paradoxical manner, back2back interprets sub-club-culture by deconstructing and
reassembling traditional menswear wardrobe elements into a chaotic collage of hardware trimming used
as jewellery. This utilitarian and almost uniform-like approach adds a unique twist to the garments.
Particularly by exploring traditional menswear pieces such as the trench coat, bomber jacket, boiler-suit,
two-piece uniform, trousers, and sweaters. These elements serve as a motto for a sensual exploration of
femininity, offering a new perspective on fashion. A form of resistance against the power that disciplines
and regulates bodies through norms, rules, and expectations. Struggle arises in combination with
tenderness, experimentation and possibility, perversion, care, and love. Embodying freedom and resisting
the disciplining and controlling forces of power. The body it’s a multitude.

The body of many.




back2back is the bond between Yolanda Zobel and Marcelo Alcaide. Their professional collaboration
started with Zobel’s tenure as a creative director at courrèges in 2018. Zobel involved Alcaide, asking him to
join her as creative officer for what was the genesis of a fertile collaboration and the beginning of the ideas
for b2b. Yolanda Zobel, the daughter of a German jewellery designer, started her career at Giorgio Armani
in Italy, after studying design in Berlin. In Paris, she worked at Chloé, followed by Acne Studios, in
Stockholm, where she headed the Womenswear design team. She was appointed courrèges’ Creative
Director in 2018. Marcelo Alcaide is an artist and cultural agent, with an extensive communication
background. Wavering his cross-over body of work through various methods of expression With alvará, his
studio, and REIF, his loose alliance of artists and record label. Collaborators include figures such as Jeff
Mills and Wolfgang Tillmans or partners like adidas, courrèges, Nike, GmbH, the Tate Modern, Berliner
Festspiele Gropius Bau, Luma Foundation, São Paulo Biennial, Palais Tokyo, Berghain Ostgut Ton among




Yolanda Zobel and Marcelo Alcaide presented their collection for their label back2back also as part of the new showcase format Intervention. The name back2back reflects the collaboration between the founders, who met during their time at Courrèges. Both aim for continuous experimentation to be seen as a symbol of freedom and liberation. The designs of the current collection are characterized by unusual shapes that are not constrained by fixed rules.

The current collection features urban, workwear-inspired looks in black and white. back2back deconstructs traditional elements of men's clothing and reassembles them in a chaotic manner. This utilitarian and almost uniform-like approach gives the garments a unique touch. In particular, the exploration of traditional men's clothing elements such as trench coats, bomber jackets, overalls, suits, pants, and sweaters offers a new perspective on fashion.



Alle Bilder sowie ausführliche Kollektionstexte und Informationen sind im offiziellen Berlin Fashion Week 

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