Runway presensations 22th January 2016 Berlin Fashion Week - Day 4

The fourth and last day at Berlin Fashion Week with Maisonnée, Mariana Jungmann, Irene Luft and Ioana Ciolacu.


The Berlin based label Maisonnée presented on the last day of Berlin Fashion Week their upcoming Fall 2016/Winter 2017 collection and celebrated meanwhile their debut. For the visitors on friday morning they mostly presented leather looks, allover in layering, as dresses, skirts, pants and in various designs. Pleated leather is their brand label combined with silk and wool fabrics. Wrapped leather skirts with contrasting colors inside as well as high waisted, super tight pants and skirts are the must-have of the collection. Maisonnée is playing with different colored suede and sets these colored elements together with black leather à la color-blocking. Red, dark blue and ochre green besides the dominant black colors are the colors of next winter season.

Mariana Jungmann

Another debut this day was young designer Mariana Jungmann at me Collectors Room. The Brazilian designer normally present her collections in London Jungmann is playing with different laces and transparent fabrics in her dresses, draped the trouser leg of loose pants, corset-like bustiers are worn over blouses. It is romantic and also very trendy. Plissées adorn dresses and skirts ends. The dominant colors are also reds and blues in various color-gradiations as well as a lot of black. Leather is used and is mixed with lace panel. Dresses are usually floor-length, wide and fit into a picturesque winter mood.

Irene Luft

Like every time while fashion week in Berlin is happening designerIrene Luft fill the Runway hall until it stops with guests. Her extraordinary designs and her talent for special details and combinations makes her collections always a highlight. Luft's inspiration came from the Asian lifestyle. Komino tops were worn, the hair was styled to a particular bun on the head and eyebrows painted in black. In addition to her well-known lace dresses, this time there were meshed fabrics and skirts with different layers of chiffon, as well as metallic fabrics with ornament patterns. The colors here are mainly red and black, a lot of gold, silver and some glitter, suitable to the winter mood.

Ioana Ciolacu

The Romanian designer Ioana Ciolacu is already well known at the Fashion Week in Berlin. 2013 she won the "Designer for Tomorrow Award" and is represented in Germany since then. Her designs are very creative, colorful and full of happiness, even if the models worn painted big black Panda-eyes. Also Ciolacu plays particularly with knots and draping. So sleeves are no longer held together with buttons or seams, they are knotted. Furs are worn as throws and scarves. Pants are on the hips, not high on the waist, like we saw a lot for this season. Partly she is influences by the 30s style, on the other hand it is very new and inspired by the late 80s with super tight and narrow overalls, as well as strapless tops.

Runway Bilder: ©Mercedes-Benz Fashion