About BFW

Berlin Fashion Week: The responsible movement of freedom, inclusion, and creativity.

Dates 2023

  • 5. - 8. February 2024
  • 1. - 4. July 2024

The Berlin Fashion Week reflects twice a year Berlin as a place of creativity, but also for business and exchange. Since 2007, the fashion industry has established itself as an important economic factor and job creator - both in direct value creation and as a significant component of the creative economy. The creative ecosystem, with its globally unique subcultures, influences all other industries. The Berlin Fashion Week sees itself as a movement for creativity, freedom, and inclusion, based on the principles of creativity and unity. These values will take center stage from July 5th to 8th, 2023, as Berlin once again becomes the creative showcase of the world.

Berlin, like no other metropolis, embodies progressive (sub)cultural movements and trends. Fashion is part of it, just like art, design, and the globally unique club and music scene. The developments here are rapid and mutually influence the city, its people, and the economy. The Berlin Fashion Week reflects these transformations and cross-connections, focusing on relevant topics such as sustainability, inclusion, and innovation, as well as promoting talent and stimulating dialogue about them. The physical gathering of designers, press, buyers, and creatives is essential for an industry that thrives on exchange, inspiration, and visibility.

Initiators and sponsors:

The Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises has made a significant contribution of over 20 million euros since 2007 to the development of the fashion industry and the Berlin Fashion Week through its state initiative "Project Zukunft" (Project Future). The competition with the categories "Berlin Contemporary" (fashion shows/presentations), "BFW Multiplier Events," and "Studio2Retail" (shop and studio events) was initiated by the Senate Department and implemented by the Fashion Council Germany. The formats and fashion shows in 2023 are supported with approximately 2 million euros by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. Further information on funding for the fashion industry through Project Zukunft is available.

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH has been responsible for location marketing for the Berlin Fashion Week since 2007. On behalf of the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, Berlin Partner develops the key visual used for outdoor advertising in the city, media collaborations with national and international magazines and newspapers, as well as all relevant social media channels. The website www.fashionweek.berlin, featuring a calendar overview of all events (hier muss ebenfalls noch der Link eingefügt werden) during the Berlin Fashion Week, is continuously developed with the aim of further solidifying Berlin's positioning as an international fashion metropolis. For more information about Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, please visit their website. https://www.businesslocationcenter.de/

Talent promotion within the scope of Berlin Contemporary.

In this season as well, the Fashion Council Germany, on behalf of the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, conducted the Berlin Contemporary concept competition. A jury of experts selected a total of 18 concepts Berlin-based and national designers who will showcase their collections during Berlin Fashion Week: Avenir, Dennis Chuene, Kitschy Couture, Lou de Bètoly, Lueder, Malaikaraiss, Marke, Namilia, Olivia Ballard, Rianna + Nina, Richert Beil, SF1OG, Sia Arnika und William Fan and the ukraine designer Bobkova, DZHUS, Glück Clothes and PLNGNS.

Further formats are already an integral part of Berlin Fashion Week and are complemented seasonally by new events. One of the more established formats for contemporary fashion is Der Berliner Salon. Designers Rebekka Ruétz, Kilian Kerner, Danny Reinke, and Marcel Ostertag showcase their collections in the W.E4. FashionShow format. The Studio2Retail project brings the special atmosphere of Berlin Fashion Week to the entire city. Fashion shows, events, and pop-ups take place throughout Berlin, and stores offer special promotions and discounts. 

Press release

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14. June 2023 https://fashionweek.berlin/en/blog/single-news/berlin-fashion-week-stark-und-anders.html

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