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General registration for Berlin Fashion Week is not possible. Each designer and organizer sends out individual invitations. If you would like to attend an event, accreditation through this form is possible. 

Yes! However, there is no general registration for the Berlin Fashion Week, even for press representatives. To accredit yourself for a fashion show, presentation, side event, or trade fair, you need to reach out to the individual designers and organizers. An overview with all contacts can be found in the official BFW calendar.

If you want to register for a runway show/presentation of a label, please contact the brand directly. An overview of all events and their respective contacts can be found in the official calendar of Berlin Fashion Week.

In general, the Berlin Fashion Week is a B2B (business-to-business) event. Tickets cannot be purchased and are reserved for press representatives, buyers, and other fashion professionals. However, there are some events during the Berlin Fashion Week that are open to the public. This includes Studio2Retail. An overview of all other events that are publicly accessible can be found in the official calendar of the Berlin Fashion Week.

In the menu bar of the Berlin Fashion Week website, you will find the "Media Hub." Here, you can download photos and collection texts from all official BFW events. If you require additional visual material, more information, or have other press inquiries, feel free to contact the Press Factory.

If you, as a designer with your label, want to participate in Berlin Fashion Week, you have several options. 

  1. You can showcase your brand at one of the fairs or within existing events. For this, please contact the respective organizers.
  2. Every season, there is a competition organized by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy, and Public Enterprises in collaboration with the Fashion Council Germany called Berlin Contemporary. The winners of this competition receive subsidies and are officially included in the calendar. All information regarding participation can be found on the Berlin Fashion Week website.
  3. You can independently organize an event. To have it listed on the official Berlin Fashion Week calendar, you need to register for the calendar. Your entry will be reviewed and, if applicable, added to the calendar.

It depends on where and to what extent you would like to present your collection. It is advisable to contact the individual organizers and discuss your ideas. They will then guide you on options and, if applicable, associated costs.

All brands organize their own castings, so you should contact them directly. An overview of all brands and their contacts can be found in the official BFW calendar.

If you are interested in sponsoring, contact the respective organizers or designers. All contacts are available in the official BFW calendar. Additionally, you can also contact the Fashion Council Germany. The contact can be found HERE.