Dennis Chuene


Dennis Cheune - the Berlin-based unisex fashion label - stands for exceptional craftsmanship and an unmistakable signature. Founded in 2008 by the South African-born designer, the collections focus on handmade, unique designs and impress with their attention to detail and high demands of quality, durability and comfort. Each piece by Dennis Chuene symbolises the designer's emotions, life events and inner turmoils. They are always the starting point in his remarkable design process and are experienced by his choice of construction, material and applications. The limited collections are bursting with the art of craftsmanship - visually and haptically unmistakably Dennis Chuene.


Berlin is liberating, eclectic and chaotic. It’s a cultural melting pot and houses a wealth of inspiration. Emotions are expressed through fashion. Be it for protection, distraction, provocation or to camouflage - we all wear our feelings, impressions and desires on our bodies. For my work I draw on my emotions and life events. Berlin invited me to discover and express myself. And still does that every day - through the people I see and get to know, through the engagement with history and the present, through the rainbow of ways of life.


Intro: "I express my emotions through clothing, craftsmanship, and storytelling. Each of my designs is inevitably connected to me and my inner self," says Dennis Chuene. Here the Berlin Contemporary designer shares the inner conflict that he processes with his current collection.

In 2008, Dennis Chuene founded his eponymous label. Since then, he has been designing streetwear with couture appeal in Berlin. All collections and looks of the South African-born designer, who now calls Berlin home, tell a consistently personal story: "I’m documenting emotions through apparel, craftsmanship and storytelling. Every piece of clothing is inevitably connected to me and my inner self."

Dennis Chuene was once again honored as the Berlin Contemporary winner and showcased his collection at the NEWEST Showspace, the press café. 

Here he reveals the inner conflict he creatively processes through his current collection here.

A year ago, you presented your collection, "Dennis Who," during Berlin Fashion Week, where you embarked on a journey to find yourself. With Autumn/Winter 2024/25, you have another very personal connection. What's behind "Big Ego - Low Self Esteem"?

It is a contemplative collection that reveals the complexity of my big ego in connection with low self-esteem. 15 looks represent one facet of my psyche, ten others stand for transformation, and the final looks are the result of my introspection.

Your show concept is once again well thought out. What message do you want to convey?

The plot and runway show are divided into three thematic blocks: the duality of ego and self-esteem, the masks people wear to hide their vulnerability, and the healing power of self-confidence and acceptance. The show and collection are an exploration of myself. They depict the inner struggle with my self-esteem. Both are also an invitation to the audience to reflect on their own insecurities and the masks they wear in everyday life.

Who inspired you fashion-wise this season?

An eclectic mix of avant-garde designers and Savile Row tailors. With the collection, I want to bring together my influences, interests, and style to create a concrete, distinctive design language. For example, I showcase figure-hugging, long coats, tailored silhouettes complemented by wide, pleated pants.

The show took place in the press café and resembled more performance art. You turned the runway show into a silent disco. Half of the audience wore headphones, and the other half did not. Why?

They all experience the same thing but with different influences. Guests without headphones hear external noises. In addition, there are comments and thoughts that could occupy us all. The other part of the audience gains access to my intimate thoughts, questions, and challenges as I take on various character traits through voice-over.

All images, brand descriptions and further information are available at the official Berlin Fashion Week MEDIA HUB.

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