RIANNA + NINA is more than just a brand. It's a colourful universe created by two women with a love for vintage textiles scavenged from around the globe, a passion for craftsmanship, a deep belief in bringing true sustainable luxury to an extravagant clientele, and a desire to inspire people with the extraordinary. Starting as a small boutique in Berlin in 2014, RIANNA + NINA has grown rapidly, attracting international attention and acclaim for its unprecedented, vibrant styles. Today, RIANNA + NINA is stocked by over 50 A-list boutiques and leading hotels, attracting clients from all over the world with their new definition of luxury. RIANNA + NINA's dedicated team is based in the heart of Berlin.


Berlin as a fashion city signifies a vibrant and dynamic cultural crossover. The city is known for its international habitants and unique blend of cultures, styles, and creativity that only the German capital has to offer. In Berlin, fashion isn't confined to runways and boutiques; it's a reflection of the diverse backgrounds and stories of its inhabitants. The love for vintage and the thriving flea markets in Berlin have had a profound influence on our brand. This city has become the beating heart of our brand's identity, a place where different cultures and fashion narratives intersect. Berlin's fashion scene embodies freedom of expression and a willingness to push boundaries. It's a city that encourages experimentation, celebrates individuality as well as diversity.


OPERA is the title of  Rianna + Ninas Fall/Winter 24/25 collection, showcased by the duo in the impressively halls of the Bode Museum. Once again, the Berlin Contemporary winners transformed unique vintage fabrics into colorful one-of-a-kind pieces, inspired by a very special icon.

The defilée of the Berlin Contemporary winners perfectly matched this credo. The duo presented their impressive looks in an equally grand atmosphere, namely at the Bode Museum. Their show was musically underscored by the source of inspiration for their current designs: Maria Callas.

Your collection is titled OPERA and pays homage to Maria Callas and her stage costumes. What fascinates you particularly about the icon?

Maria Callas has accompanied Rianna since her childhood and remains one of the most outstanding sopranos of the 20th century to this day. It's not just her music, but also her fascinating life that inspired us. She was an extraordinary artist and an extremely elegant woman. Her unmistakable aesthetic subtly influenced every single design of our collection.

Which silhouettes take the spotlight this season?

The focus is on A-line cuts from the 60s and 70s. They are accompanied by numerous golden details, vibrant colors, glitter accents, and sequins. A real eye-catcher are definitely the hand-painted fabrics.

Unique vintage fabrics from around the world, each telling its own story, are always the focus for you. Where do they come from now?

Mainly from Japan and Mexico, where fabrics like silk organzas, vintage silk scarves, obis, and kimonos originate. A special highlight is a belt with quill embroidery from Eastern Europe and a very luxurious fabric from Tokyo, originally intended for kimonos.

What is particularly significant this season?

The numerous glitter and gold elements are particularly striking, adding a glamorous touch to the evening looks and perfectly complementing the contemporary interpretation of Maria Callas' style. Another highlight is the accessories, including rhinestone-studded swim goggles, which stand in stark contrast to the evening gowns. Additionally, this season we collaborated with Converse. Rianna hand-painted the shoes in our studio.

What are your top 3 looks?

One of our favorites is a tribute to the operetta "Carmen." The look consists of a skirt and a ruffle blouse, both made from vintage silk scarves. Another is a halter-neck dress made of organza, which Rianna discovered in Paris and hand-painted. Our third favorite look is an apron made from various old Asian embroideries. To give the look additional charm, it is combined with handmade ceramic jewelry from our Berlin studio.

You repeatedly emphasize that your looks are intended for everyone. What idea is behind your model cast?

This season, our looks were presented by a variety of different personalities, including a Greek actress, a ballet dancer, and even a surgeon. This diversity is meant to illustrate that everyone has the opportunity to step into the role of Maria Callas – regardless of background, origin, or age.

All images, brand descriptions and further information are available at the official Berlin Fashion Week MEDIA HUB.

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