Interview with: W.E4. Fashion - Rebekka Ruétz, Marcel Ostertag, Kilian Kerner and Danny Reinke

We interviewed the designers Rebekka Ruétz, Marcel Ostertag, Kilian Kerner and Danny Reinke. Together they have planned the show W.E4. Fashion for the coming Berlin Fashion Week.

Hello you four, nice that you found time for an interview today.

Can each of you introduce yourselves with your name and your label?

Rebekka: My name is Rebekka Ruétz and I am an Austrian fashion designer.

Marcel: Marcel Ostertag - person & label in one.

Kilian: Kilian Kerner and Kilian Kerner Berlin.

Danny: Danny Reinke from the Prêt-à-Couture label Danny Reinke. We make handmade customized fashion in Berlin.

How did you come to organize a fashion show as a foursome and who was the initiator?

Kilian: It started when Nowadays called me and told me that the usual format of MBFW is no longer happening. That was a huge shock and caused me to panic. When I had collected myself, I called Marcel directly and said: Ostertag it is time that we do something together and I call the Ruetz also directly and ask what she wants to do now. Then we were the W.E3 for one day. I've been a huge fan of Danny for a long time and the next day I said to Rebekka and Marcel: I'm going to call him too. From then on, we were four.

Is there anything that connects your labels?

Kilian: Berlin and perfectionism. We all have it. Well, Marcel and I share the passion of being control freaks. But strangely enough, not in our collaboration. It's really amazing how much the 4 of us trust each other and the teams trust each other.

Danny: The passion for fashion and the loyalty to Berlin and Berlin Fashion Week.

Fashion Week. In addition, we are all interested in making a lasting difference for the better.

Marcel: The four of us work on the pulse of time and want to strengthen Berlin Fashion Week together. The common mission to give the German fashion industry a face brought us together and makes us strong together. In addition, we want to do everything differently than before: together instead of against each other.

Rebekka: The love of design.

Do you guys inspire and support each other?

Danny: Since the day Kilian called me and asked me if I wanted to join W.E4. Fashion, I have encountered so much warmth, team spirit and creative will that it still blows me away. Kilian has mentioned me in a few interviews before, which made me happy then as it does now. The four of us, not to mention our teams, harmonize very well. Even if there is a disagreement, we discuss it. I'm the youngest of us and I've learned so much from the others in the last three months, I wouldn't want to miss it. I think it's nice that we all support each other instead of working against each other - there should be a lot more of that.

Can each of you explain what the audience can expect at We4FashionDay? Theme of your collections, etc....

Danny: Four unforgettable shows, with unique concepts. We thematize with our collection the urge of people to seek entertainment at any cost. We even don't stop at animals, accepting to torture them and harm them physically and mentally in the course of our amusement. The Grieved Serenity collection addresses the long and sad tradition of bear keeping in Europe. Therefore, we cooperate with Western Europe's largest bear sanctuary (BÄRENWALD Müritz, an animal welfare project of VIER PFOTEN). There are currently 12 brown bears living there that were rescued from zoos, circuses and private holding facilities

Marcel: 4 shows. 4 designers. Each one is different, but we all have the same message. Fashion connects and brings countless nations together. My collection "Discoteca" Fall Winter 2023 celebrates life and invites you to a wild party in the eighties. Catapulted into the present, of course. Fun, joy, exuberance - everything that inspires in the current situation - bundled in one collection.

Kilian: 4 designers have teamed up to show their collection together, I think a pretty unique vibe will flow towards the audience. My collection is about symphony. The symphony in life and in music and after years I have a live band again. Fuffifufzisch. I'm looking forward to that too.

Rebekka: We from rebekka ruétz take our guests with the new collection "braveNEWworld" coming season into a discordant, mysterious and whimsical new world.

You are already each for itself, a fixed part of the Berlin Fashion Week - this time the Berlin Fashion Week takes place in a new format. What do you think of that and how did you witness the development?

Marcel: Berlin Fashion Week has been in a constant state of flux since its launch - that's exactly what characterizes Berlin. Every season new formats emerge and this creates exciting platforms for designers, labels and big brands. For the first time something completely new is emerging: this season the designers decide how their stagings will look like and not big agencies as in previous years. The possibility to implement this concept is supported and promoted by the Berlin Senate, the Fashion Council Germany & the Berlin Fashion Week. It will be an exciting season - even if I must admit that I am still not satisfied with the organization of the calendar. Berlin as a fashion location has experienced some ups & downs and always attracts attention through the Fashion Week and the many creative brands.

Which shows are you going to see at berlin fashion week?

Kilian: Rebekka, Marcel and Danny. Unfortunately, I don't have time for more.

Rebekka: All shows of the W.E4. Fashion Day, unfortunately there is not enough time.

Marcel: Due to time constraints, I will actually only be seeing Rebekka, Kilian and Danny live - plus I will be attending the events from FCG and Vogue.

Danny: Rebekka, Marcel and Kilian. Unfortunately, I don't have time for more.

Our last question: What makes Berlin a fashion location for you? How did you basically perceive Berlin's development as a fashion location and in parallel your own/your label's?

Danny: Berlin is constantly changing, which has an impact on fashion. I find that enormously inspiring. Berlin is underestimated, which is a shame - but that can be changed.

Kilian: Especially this season Berlin will show where we all stand. There haven't been so many shows in a long time. That's so nice.

Marcel: No city in Germany has such an attraction as Berlin. Fashion, art, music and the very dynamic nightlife is a magnet for many international guests. We could have been on the level of Milan or London long ago - if German politics would finally promote fashion properly.