1664 Blanc: Beer meets Fashion

© Franz Beker
© Franz Beker

How does a beer become a symbol of fashion and lifestyle? To summarise: Through "Good Taste with a Twist". This not only describes the incomparable flavour pairing with a hint of citrus, but also the basic idea of making a fashion statement with a beer - all in blue. After the fashion weeks in Copenhagen and London, the lifestyle beer 1664 Blanc is finally making its debut at Berlin Fashion Week. 

With 5% alcohol, a surprising citrus flavour and a hint of spice, 1664 Blanc tastes refreshingly mild. The beer in the blue bottle embodies elegance and good flavour and its iconic look immediately catches the eye. This unique combination makes it an absolute trend piece that has already found fans in more than 50 countries worldwide. 

As an official partner of Berlin Fashion Week, 1664 Blanc will be providing refreshments between and during individual fashion shows and at various events in the city. 

Further information and impressions of the brand can be found on Instagram and on the official website