Berlin Fashion Week Partner: DonJulio

© DonJulio
© DonJulio

The organizers of Berlin Fashion Week announce another partnership for the February edition that promises to add a unique flavor to the event. For the first time, DonJulio, the renowned luxury tequila brand, will join the ranks of sponsors.

Founded on the pioneering agricultural principles of Don Julio González, the brand has long been synonymous with excellence in the world of tequila. With a commitment to using only the highest caliber Blue Agave, hand-selected from the rich soils of Jalisco's Los Altos region, DonJulio has set the standard for ultra-premium tequila. From the crisp notes of Tequila DonJulio Blanco to the rich complexity of Tequila DonJulio 1942, each expression in the portfolio reflects a dedication to craftsmanship and quality.

Throughout Berlin Fashion Week, guests will have the chance to enjoy DonJulio's exceptional spirits at various events across the city. The collaboration between DonJulio and Berlin Fashion Week highlights a shared focus on innovation and creativity. Berlin represents cultural movements - DonJulio delivers the taste experience to match. 

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