Don Julio returns as official partner of Berlin Fashion Week

© Ben Moenks
© Ben Moenks

Berlin Fashion Week in July 2024 will once again be supported by Don Julio, the renowned luxury tequila brand. Following a successful partnership in February 2024, Don Julio is back as a sponsor for the second time. The brand, which is known for its high-quality tequilas, will be served at the official opening dinner and at other Berlin Fashion Week events and shows.

Don Julio was already represented at various events throughout the city in February. The brand was part of the Lou de Bètoly show and the joint after-show party of Lou de Bètoly, Sia Arnika and Lueder. Don Julio was also present at the SF1OG show and aftershow party as well as at the STUDIO2RETAIL BFW Closing Party and the W.E4. Fashion Day. Don Julio could also be seen in many bars and hotels in Berlin.

The collaboration between Don Julio and Berlin Fashion Week underlines the joint focus on innovation and creativity. Berlin represents cultural movements - Don Julio delivers the taste experience. For more information about Don Julio and its portfolio of exceptional spirits, visit the website at 

The history of Don Julio

Don Julio González, the namesake of the brand, was a visionary and pioneer in the world of tequila. He began his journey in the 1940s when he started producing tequila in his hometown of Atotonilco El Alto in Jalisco, Mexico. Don Julio strove to improve the quality and craftsmanship of tequila and set new standards for the industry.

His passion for the agave plant led to the development of methods for selecting the best agave hearts to be used in the production of tequila. Don Julio was one of the first to favor the use of blue agave from the Los Altos region, known for its fertile soils and optimal climate.

In 1985, the brand was officially launched as "Tequila Don Julio". Don Julio Blanco, the clear and unaged tequila, became the brand's flagship. Other variants followed later, such as Tequila Don Julio Reposado and the highly acclaimed Tequila Don Julio 1942.

Don Julio González left behind a legacy that lives on to this day in every bottle of Don Julio. His dedication to quality and pursuit of perfection have made the brand synonymous with exquisite tequila. Don Julio is not just a drink, but an experience that appeals to the senses and honors the tradition of tequila.