CUPRA stands for passion, individuality and unconventional design. For vehicles that stand out from the crowd with their sporty performance and avant-garde style. A brand that shows attitude. Time and time again.

The Challenger Brand from Barcelona is keen to provide a stage for young and up-and-coming talent. This philosophy unites CUPRA and Berlin Fashion Week.


As a mobility partner, CUPRA enables guests to travel between venues in comfort and style. This is not only an essential part of on-site logistics. It is also a statement for modern and sustainable design in motion.

During Berlin Fashion Week, the CUPRA City Garage Berlin will also host a series of talks organized by the Fashion Council Germany in cooperation with VOGUE Business and eBay Germany. From the beginning, the CUPRA garages have been conceived as much more than a showroom for vehicles. Rather, they are a creative center for zeitgeist, culture and dialogue, where people who share the same spirit come together. And drive change.

"METAMORPHOSIS" is the fitting title of the series of talks, which will focus on the profound changes in the fashion industry and what it takes to support young designers.

METAMORPHOSIS. Talks in the CUPRA City Garage Berlin  

The talks are designed to discuss the current challenges and opportunities in the fashion world. Topics such as sustainability, digital transformation and promoting diversity and inclusion will be at the forefront. Fashion experts, emerging designers and other creative minds will share their perspectives and discuss how the industry can evolve.

The focus will be on young talent. What resources and networks do young designers need to be successful? How can established brands and institutions help new voices bring about change? These and other questions will be addressed in the METAMORPHOSIS talks in order to provide impetus for a more sustainable and inclusive future of fashion.

All information about the talks, the program and registration can be found HERE.