DER BERLINER SALON: A new year, a new location

This upcoming winter season offers new locations for group exhibitions, the Defilée, as well as the VOGUE Salon.

We are almost there: “Der Berliner Salon“ has announced its dates, new locations and concepts for the approaching autumn/winter season of the Berlin Fashion Week 2019. The “Salon Week“ starts on Monday the 14th of January and ends on the 17th of January. The group exhibitions of the attending designers will take place on the 15th of January, from 15.00 to 20.00.

“Der Berliner Salon“ has some news regarding its locations and newly developed concepts: The group exhibitions will take place in the renowned St. Elisabeth Church in Berlin Mitte. It is a very unique location, which is perfectly suitable for the exclusive concept, developed by “Der Berliner Salon.“

During World War II this classicist building, constructed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, was severely damaged. The heavily impaired interior remains unrepaired. During the Berlin Fashion Week this historically preserved building will function to host group presentations, with a newly developed presentation format. The new presentation format will especially be visible in the spacial planning of the vicinity, as well as within styling. The layout of the space was curated very well: both side-aisles will be used for the presentation of the designers pieces of work. The central part of the church offers space for a special installation. A side-note of something new: the pieces of all designers will be freely combined.

Similarly to the previous seasons, it is not solely about fashion designs. Next door one will find an exhibition, which mainly revolves around interior design. The so called Villa Elisabeth will be the set location for this parallel exhibition. However one thing will definitely remain the same: “Der Berliner Salon’s“ fundamental principle in “representing German design.“

The Vogue Salon will also take place in the Villa Elisabeth and remain a vital part of “Der Berliner Salon.“ The Vogue Salon is considered as a follow-up action group of the German Vogue, which was created and initiated by the editor-in-chief Christiane Arp.