© Der Berliner Salon
© Der Berliner Salon
Committed to Responsibility: The Berlin Saloon unfolds anew. Collections of 35 German designers will be presented at Kraftwerk on 6 September.

DER BERLINER SALON is moving forward in line with its tagline: “Committed to Responsibility”. In partnership with the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, Christiane Arp and Marcus Kurz are sending a strong signal encouraging a modern focus and a clear sense of responsibility on the part of the BERLINER SALON.

The collections dreamt up by the 35 German designers will be presented within the schedule of MBFW at Kraftwerk on 6 September 2021 during Berlin Fashion Week. This season, the renowned group exhibition, which also incorporates manufactures and craftsmanship, will home in on topics such as “Circularity” and “Transparency”.

“We see it as our responsibility to support designers in Germany who have made it their mission to take a holistic approach to producing and operating as responsibly as possible. Der Berliner Salon offers a stage for the contemporary, future-focussed design and craftsmanship created by these designers.” Christiane Arp, founder of Der Berliner Salon

“As we return to the physical events, we want Der Berliner Salon to hit the perfect note. Craftsmanship and reintegrating used materials into the creation process are both aspects that play a key role in our vision. That’s why German manufactures will also be showcasing their work at Der Berliner Salon. We’re over the moon to see the strong support and trust that all the participating designers have placed in us.” Marcus Kurz, CEO of Nowadays and founder of Der Berliner Salon

The exhibition will be available to view online via the website at as well as on Instagram @derberlinersalon. The content will also be shared on The group exhibition at Kraftwerk in Berlin will be open to invited guests only. For press enquiries please contact Accreditation confirmations are checked taking into account current official Covid-19 requirements and are expected to be announced from the end of August 2021.

Der Berliner Salon will be held in compliance with the hygiene requirements applicable at the time.