#DAMUR SS21 – Livestream

© Damur
© Damur
"Naughty, but elegant."

Under the motto "Naughty, but elegant" the Spring/Summer 2021 Show of the Berlin label DAMUR will take place on 10 October 2020 during the Taipei Fashion Week. We provide the livestream for the show.

With continuing progressive dialogue between high end fashion and streetwear, the designer is presenting the iconic provocative detailed design and asymmetrical silhouettes of #DAMUR. The collection is oversized, easy to slip on and off, comfortable and protective ready for your travel during pandemic. The highlight of the accessories is the magnetic buckle and drawstring, which allow for an adaptable fit that is both functional and versatile for different occasions. The collection also features a mix of digital textile prints, such as a houndstooth, denim lightning and crocodile leather, which brings an innovative visual experience and reminds us to remain optimistic and hopeful for the future. The collection is entirely made of the latest innovative San Gratis fabric from Taiwan. San Gratis is non-woven textile with membrane which can reach Taiwan medical PPE standard - CNS P2 level. The prints are created by digital printing technology on extremely thin membranes, which is a modern, effective and wearable alternative for preventing contact from outside.

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