ARYS: Fashion for everyday life – sustainable, urban outerwear

Fusion of outdoor function and urban style.

If you can’t find a streetwear style to your taste, design it yourself! That’s what Frederik aka Fritz Sturm was thinking when he created his first collection – ARYS. His fusion of outdoor function and urban style has already received five ISPO Awards for its innovative design and sustainable production. 

From Berlin to Tokyo, “whether you are riding your bike in the pouring rain or pitching your next business idea”, Fritz Sturm’s vision for ARYS was the compact fusion of outdoor and urban fashion.
Having just completed his business studies, the 28-year-old Berlin resident teamed up with designer Larissa Lipp to bring his ideas of universal outerwear to life.

From the start, sustainability and the fairest possible production were not an issue at ARYS for the simple reason that Fritz Sturm and his team see these things as a matter of course in the second and third decade of the 21st century. It goes without saying that they use innovative re- and upcycled fibres and materials whenever and wherever possible, that they ensure their garments’ durability by using the highest quality raw materials and processing, while at the same time simply keeping their eyes open with regard to the supply chains and production facilities and check that the factory workers are paid fair wages.

“Upcycling, transparency and sustainability are no longer objectives, but a matter of course.”

ARYS don’t make a big fuss about sustainability. Fritz Sturm created the brand in response to the unsatisfactory, limited amount of fair fashion he found in the conventional streetwear market.

ARYS source their fabrics from Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and China (for the Japanese market). And they constantly incorporate the new materials produced with circular technologies like Seaqual, Lyocell, Comfortemp and Ecorepel in their new collections.

Three award-winning multifunctional coats and a reversible poncho …

… quickly established the young label as a true brand in the avant-garde sector of urban and year-round outerwear. On top of that, the collection features classic pieces like biker-friendly padded pants and breathable, windproof jackets for all seasons. Incidentally, the padding is made entirely of recycled plastic bottles.
Fritz Sturm has never been at a loss for ideas for sophisticated features and functions, such as an integrated wallet or laptop compartment, which is why ARYS took off like a rocket. At Fritz Sturm’s first presentation at the ISPO trade fair in 2015, a major buyer from Asia discovered his leading-edge creativity and unique urban style. Virtually from one day to the next, Japan’s trendiest stores were selling ARYS products.

Inspired by the clean architecture of modern cities …

That’s how Fritz Sturm describes the line, the look, the feel of his fashion and his semi-annually adapted collections. And he developed “raven”, his signature colour and the typical ARYS black-grey, after observing the reflections of light and clouds on the glass façades of futuristic high-rise buildings. And so ARYS fans can throw themselves into the pulsating city life, knowing they are equipped for any weather – and hopefully for the other storms of our times. // Uta Gruenberger 

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