IF WE WERE A MOVIE Spring/Summer 2022

@ Printkultur
@ Printkultur

We watch movies and series, surf the internet and communicate on social media. We chat and have online meetings, we use Google and TikTok. We present ourselves, take selfies, watch others. Our lives become a movie in a parallel world, in which our alter ego is an actor. These actors want to present themselves in the best possible light. #fashion #picoftheday #happy. This form of self-presentation changes our image and the fashion we wear. Individuality and conformity are hand in glove. We want to stand out but at the same time be mainstream enough to appeal to as many people as possible. This contradiction is having an unprecedented impact on fashion and the way we use it. We get immediate feedback on our appearance, and it takes less courage to wear an offbeat outfit online than on the street. While fashion is quite casual in real life, fashion in the virtual world is becoming more and more extravagant. Accessories, jewellery and layering are currently celebrating their comeback. Let’s do ourselves up for a photo or video clip.

We are our own movie.

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