WIDE OPEN SPACES Spring/Summer 2022

© Printkultur
© Printkultur

Wide Open Spaces is not only a feminist hymn recorded by the Dixie Chicks in 1998, but also the name of one of the most interesting trends in (women’s) fashion in the upcoming years. New spaces are opening up. Women freed themselves of the corset, they started wearing trousers and unisex fashion and burned their bras. And now it’s time for the next step: the precise tailoring of fashion to people’s bodies, which are as diverse as their personalities. Traditional sizing and global uniformity are left behind in favour of individualised clothes made possible by 3D scans, new processing techniques and high-tech materials. Tailor-made fashion 4.0. Affordable comfort for every body = emancipation. Gone are the days of dreading one’s reflection in fitting rooms. For men, women and people who identify as non-binary or do not seek to belong to any other group.

Size matters.

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