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© Vigdís Erla & Ronja Stucken
© Vigdís Erla & Ronja Stucken
Theses under special conditions of the Fashion Design Department of the Weissensee Academy of Art Berlin

Under the title 'Head Over Heels', graduates of the Fashion Design Department at the Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin will be showing excerpts from their Bachelor's and Master's theses from 2020/21, which were conceived and produced under special conditions in times of pandemic.  
Yearnings for freedom, renewal and change in an upside-down world inspired the graduates and can already be guessed from the working titles: 

Anne Bellinger: Bridging Space and Time 
Stefanie Christy: always the one without the other 
Irina Hefner: UNTITLED 
Aleftina Karasyova: waiting for changes 
Greta Linkogel: A Rather Complex Situation 
Ronja Stucken: IN CONSTANT FLUX 
Damian Ohl: Bondo 
Laura Valentin: travelling alone

The exhibition is open from 2-13 July 2021 at Memhardstr. 8, 10178 Berlin, daily Mon-Fri from 2-8pm and Sat-Sun 12-6pm. 

This event is part of the Tour 2021 of the Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin.


Designer: Ronja Stucken @_stckn
Photos: Vigdís Erla & Ronja Stucken
Film Direction, Camera & Edit: Vigdís Erla @vigerla Talent: Julian Eide @julianeide
Music: Kerr Wilson @kiddikerr
Email: info@ronjastucken.com 

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