3 Questions: Oliver Dahle, Editor at Large, Fashion, Scandinavian MIND.

What makes Berlin unique for you as a fashion city?

Being one of the main cultural and creative hotspots in Europe, Berlin has long been lagging behind when it comes to being a fashion city. A lot of designers have been coming from Berlin but ventured to other cities. What we can see now is a lot of talent that stays in Berlin and create a system of their own. They are embracing the city's distinct characteristics and transforming it - with their vision and values - into their collections. It’s experimental, innovative and really exhibits how fashion could be a vehicle of identity.

Did you notice any unique or distinctive elements of Berlin's fashion scene that are different in regards to other fashion weeks?

The designers showing in Berlin are very value-driven. Many of the brands have a holistic view when it comes to both environmental- and social sustainability. Without being too loud about it. This is something many bigger brands could learn a lot from. 

What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week?

I know for sure reoccurring brands such as SF1OG and Sia Arnika, will be putting on a memorable show and collection. I'm also very excited about Richert Beil and Milk of Lime, which are two brands I’ve been following for a while and now are showing during Berlin Fashion Week.