We love Berlin #1

©Haydon Perrior, Caroline Kynast, Ben Mönks
©Haydon Perrior, Caroline Kynast, Ben Mönks

Berlin's fashion scene stands as a vibrant testament to the city's unique role as a dynamic creative hub and cultural melting pot. As the nexus of artistic expression and diverse influences, Berlin inspires fashion designers to push boundaries, break conventions, and weave a tapestry of styles that reflects the city's rich history and contemporary spirit. In the heart of this innovative landscape, designers draw inspiration from Berlin's eclectic blend of cultures, fostering a fashion renaissance that embraces inclusivity, sustainability, and a bold, avant-garde ethos. We asked some of this year's "Berlin Contemporary” winners to write a little love letter to their home city...

AVENIR, Sophie Louise Claussen

“Berlin as a fashion city provides an artistic ecosystem which thrives on the vibrancy and awareness of its diverse and creatively inspired residents. Berliners actively engage in open dialogues about pressing social and environmental issues. In Berlin, these dialogues are not merely a trend but an integral part of the city’s identity.”


“Berlin is liberating, eclectic and chaotic. It’s a cultural melting pot and houses a wealth of inspiration. Emotions are expressed through fashion. Be it for protection, distraction, provocation or to camouflage - we all wear our feelings, impressions and desires on our bodies.”


“International designers like Stefano Pilati and Shayne Oliver are only two examples for the attraction of Berlin. Fashion in Berlin is new, progressive, forward-thinking but never conservative. I guess this is the general stamp that Berlin has. It‘s about new ideas whoever you are.”

RIANNA + NINA, Rianna Kounou + Nina Kuhn

“Berlin signifies a vibrant and dynamic cultural crossover. In Berlin, fashion isn't confined to runways and boutiques; it's a reflection of the diverse backgrounds and stories of its inhabitants. It's a city that encourages experimentation, celebrates individuality as well as diversity.”

RICHERT BEIL, Jale Richert + Michele Beil

“Berlin is inspiring for its rich and complex history of activism, diverse cultures and identities, thriving art and culture scene, vibrant nightlife, value for innovation and experimentation, and its remarkable resilience in the face of challenges.”

NAMILIA, Emilia Pfohl + Nan Li

“Berlin gives us the space and platform to be political, innovative, and inclusive with fashion.”