BFW Hospitality Program: Interview with Dries Vriesacker

© Ben Mönks for Marke
© Ben Mönks for Marke

Explore Berlin Fashion Week with Dries Vriesacker, Co-founder & Creative Director ENFNTS TERRIBLE. Uncover Berlin's style secrets, hidden gems, and fashion inspiration in this exclusive interview.

Which characteristics sets Berlin Fashion Week apart? And Berlin as a city?
Just the freedom that designers feel to create something that they feel like is the ultimate form of expression and liberation. That’s also what sets Berlin apart as a city, the freedom of expression. 

Did you establish any fashion week rituals over the last couple of years?
Is barely sleeping a ritual? 

Berlin is renowned for its dynamic club scene. How do you think the city’s nightlife influences the way people dress?
I think it allows the people in Berlin to dress more freely and that’s also something that I see in the collections that are shown during BFW. 

Are there any designers or fashion shows that particularly caught your attention last season? Why?
Richert Beil, for sure! I think the quality of the collection as a whole and styling were on another level. Another brand I really enjoyed seeing on the runway was Olivia Ballard. 

Why would more people (press, buyers, stylists etc.) need to visit Berlin Fashion Week?
Because it’s a unique fashion week. It’s the perfect place to discover new brands and see unexpected collections full of gems.

Thank You Dries!