BFW Hospitality Program: Interview with Emma Vloeimans

© Stijn de Vries
© Stijn de Vries

Explore Berlin Fashion Week with Emma Vloeimans, Senior Editor at Harper’s Bazaar NL and TributeToMagazine. Uncover Berlin's style secrets, hidden gems, and fashion inspiration in this exclusive interview.

Is there any specific spot or hidden gem in Berlin that you always make sure to visit?

I always make sure to grab breakfast at Aera Bakery and go shopping at Voo Store and check out the attic of KaDeWe – a huge year-round designer sale.

What's your go-to Berlin spot for finding fashion inspiration?

I like to grab coffee at Voo Store. It’s impossible to leave empty-handed, but it’s great for fashion inspiration, since the crowd is very cool and sophisticated.

Did you establish any fashion week rituals over the last couple of years?

I always make sure to have a moment for myself in the mornings; it can be a workout, walk through the neighbourhood, a meditation, or anything related. Fashion week can be a bit overwhelming, even though it’s so much fun. Starting the day on my own terms keeps me grounded.

Berlin is renowned for its dynamic club scene. How do you think the city’s nightlife influences the way people dress?

A lot! Compared to Amsterdam, people dress way grungier. I love the mix between high and low brow. People mix Maison Margiela and Dries van Noten with a 5-euro top from a flea market. Berlin’s style is very unique.

Thank You Emma!