BFW Hospitality Program: Interview with Dao Tran

© Ben Mönks for Marke
© Ben Mönks for Marke

Explore Berlin Fashion Week with Dao Tran, Senior Fashion Editor, The Impression. Uncover Berlin's style secrets, hidden gems, and fashion inspiration in this exclusive interview.

Which characteristics sets Berlin Fashion Week apart? And Berlin as a city? 

Berlin is creative. Berlin is idealistic. It lives and breathes diversity, inclusivity. When a place is chosen, it is loved, when people love a thing, they want to contribute to it, people are here for a reason, not just by accident. 

Berlin is renowned for its dynamic club scene. How do you think the city’s nightlife influences the way people dress? 

Berlin is full of kids who didn’t feel seen or accepted in their hometowns. Nightlife and the streets are their stage, where they can express themselves, live out their visions, and explore their identity. 

Are there any designers or fashion shows that particularly caught your attention last season? Why?

I’m looking forward to seeing Marke – Mario Keine delivered a really cohesive collection concept and creative staging, not to mention great silhouettes and cuts.

Why would more people (press, buyers, stylists etc.) need to visit Berlin Fashion Week?

Everybody knows the big names and brands – they have enough money, they get enough coverage and attention. I think it’s also fun and interesting to look at up-and-coming talent, see who is trying to do what and how, platform them and give them a chance. 

Thank You Dao Tran!