“Berlin is where I found my voice.” - WE LOVE BERLIN #2


Continuing the ode to Berlin's magnetic allure, this article is another love letter about the passionate relationship between fashion and the German capital. As we talked to the second round of Berlin Contemporary designers, we uncovered more tales of adoration captivated by the city's boundless creativity and ever-evolving identity. 

Explore why these four creatives love working in the city that serves as a dynamic muse and a catalyst for pushing the boundaries of fashion, embracing inclusivity, sustainability, and a bold, avant-garde ethos. Join us as we unravel the threads that connect these designers to Berlin's vibrant tapestry, creating a narrative that transcends conventional style and embraces the essence of this unique cultural melting pot.

Sia Arnika:

“Berlin is exciting, gritty and inspiring. The city is what formed me. I’m a people watcher - it’s my favorite pastime game to observe and make up my own narrative about somebody else’s life. I'll make up stories for strangers walking past me, some of which end up in my collections.”

Lou de Bètoly:

“Berlin gives me freedom and inspiration to focus on the craft of fashion design. Its vibrant creative scene encourages me to take risks and be playful in my work. As a designer, Berlin allows me to blur the boundaries between fashion, art, music, and performance. I can collaborate with local artists, musicians, photographers. I don't feel commercial pressures or expectations to follow trends - I can stay true to my aesthetic. Having presented at BFW four times, I got the chance to perfect my craftsmanship and develop my vision. Berlin will always be the birthplace of Lou de Bètoly in my heart. It’s where I found my voice.”

Malaika Raiss, Malaikaraiss:

“Berlin is my creative melting pot, where all the inspiration I gather along my travels is finally coming together. The city in all its beauty but also roughness is my favorite combination, you know - opposites attract.”

Olivia Ballard:

“To work in Berlin means to create without comparison but with compassion and connection to the community. Participating in Berlin Fashion Week has been marked by empathy and a strong bond to those individuals and collaborators in the city.”