BFW Hospitality Program: Interview with Magdalena Roe

© Ben Mönks for Marke
© Ben Mönks for Marke

Interview with Magdalena Roe, Fashion Editor bei Numéro NL.

Which characteristics sets Berlin Fashion Week apart? And Berlin as a city?

Berlin truly stands out as a hub for fashion innovation and fresh perspectives with its dynamic atmosphere and vibrant spirit. The city gives creative minds an incredible platform, offering enough room for new approaches and a willingness to challenge established styles. What makes Berlin's fashion scene even more distinctive is its integration with the club culture. The fusion of music and style goes beyond aesthetics; shaping its own identity, and making a statement that goes beyond the visual. The cultural diversity of Berliners adds an extra layer of excitement to the city's aesthetics and style. It’s not just a backdrop but a constant source of inspiration. Designers draw from their cultural influences, and I’m hoping this will forever be contributing to the city's fashion identity creating a narrative that is both unique and inclusive. 

Did you establish any fashion week rituals over the last couple of years?

No, but I always try and plan everything by making a good schedule. Trying to eat enough in-between and be selective with after-parties, staying hydrated. And don’t forget to carry a power bank and some blisters ;) 

Describe the last look for which you turned your head on the streets.

Probably a mini skirt and crop leather jacket by Miu Miu with some stockings and kitten heels.

Thank You , Magdalena!