All about fashion, future and sustainability: 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit

© Britta Leuermann
© Britta Leuermann

Impressive shows from creative talents and brands: That is the BFW. But it is much more than that. In addition to all the shows, BFW offers space for small and large side events to facilitate an exchange about design and creativity, to offer designers a stage and to think the industry forward.

BFW is characterized by a number of formats that act as multipliers and offer a platform to a wide range of talents in a variety of ways. In our new series, we explain who is behind them and what makes them special.

This time: 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit.

If you care about a sustainable future of fashion, you should check out the 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit. Once again the program for the 8th edition is filled with inspiring lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and networking events, bringing together important international thought leaders and actors from the fields of fashion and sustainability. This season and under the motto RE/GENERATE IMPACT, 202030 will take place from July 2nd to 3rd at BIKINI Berlin by the Zoological Garden.

We interviewed co-founders Magdalena Schaffrin and Max Gilgenmann:

Every season, the conference has a different motto. This summer, it is RE/GENERATE IMPACT. What is the idea behind it?

Magdalena Schaffrin: “The focus is on regeneration and the practical implementation of circularity – whether in terms of materials, business models, or communication strategies. Ultimately, it's about transforming the fashion industry while minimizing its social and environmental impacts.”

Max Gilgenmann: “It's time to go beyond the measures taken so far and achieve real, sustainable changes. We offer a platform where innovative ideas and solutions can be developed to have a long-term positive impact on the fashion industry.”

The program for this July is once again impressive, ranging from panels like "New Value Chains On The Rise" to presentations such as "EU Strategy Update." What are your personal highlights for the upcoming summit?

Max Gilgenmann: “One of the highlights for me is the Community Class, where we will discuss innovative communication strategies for sustainability with industry experts and media representatives. Another program point that no one should miss is the 'Hosted by SEEK' panel, which provides exciting insights into the work of sustainable brands.”

Magdalena Schaffrin: “I am particularly looking forward to the keynote by Liz Ricketts, who will speak about fashion and the colonialism of waste. Additionally, Christine Goulay's presentation on innovative next-gen textiles is an absolute must.”

What are you particularly proud of this season?

Magdalena Schaffrin: Above all, the diversity of our speakers! With over 30 international experts and thought leaders, we have put together a program that truly covers all facets of our theme RE/GENERATE IMPACT.

202030 is supported by the Senate Department Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises. For more information about the Summit, an overview of the main speakers, and the preliminary program, click here.