Interview with the MBFW-showslot-winner Ivanman

Fashion enthusiasts will recognize the name IVANMAN. Since 2013, he’s present at Berlin Fashion Week and this year, too, he has gotten himself a fashion show slot at MBFW, funded by the Senate for Economics, Energy and Enterprises / Project Future.
© Bastian Achard
© Bastian Achard

For ten years already, the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises / Project Future hands out presentation slots at Berlin Fashion Week. Young, rising, but also established Berlin-based fashion brands can apply for the funded show slots. In July 2018, thanks to the funding of the Senate Department, three up-and-coming talents get the chance to present their latest collection at MBFW, too. 

You’re one of the three winners, who were selected to present at MBFW, funded by Project Future – Congratulations! What does it mean to you to be able to present your collection at Berlin Fashion Week?

Since I’ve been showing my collections since 2013, it’s a special honour to keep this piece of continuity. A few years ago, Berlin Fashion Week was experimenting too much in my opinions, which makes it a little more difficult to be recognised as an established fashion metropolis at this point. To me that makes it even more important to stay present with IVANMAN and to be acknowledged from the outside, too. A lot of the time, people are too critical and underestimate the potential that Berlin as a fashion centrum has to offer.

How much do Berlin and its lifestyle influence you and your creative process?

Berlin is an impressive and interesting city. To live here is amazing and there are always surprises around the corner. With regard to my work, Berlin isn’t a huge influence, but more the contemporary spirit of the time.

What was the latest collection inspired by?

The latest collection was inspired by the New York Stock Exchange, especially the work uniforms of the employees in the 80’s and 90’s. There’s a lot to gather from and to pick up on for a new interpretation.

What can the visitors of MBFW expect from IVANMAN?

Of course, I’ll stay true to my clear cuts and strong colours. A few new features will also emerge, though: for the first time I have experimented and integrated lettering into the design, for example.

What does the Berlin Fashion Week mean to the regional and international fashion industry?

As already teased previously, it is important for the Berlin fashion industry to not see itself too critically. We are being recognised within the fashion world and can present ourselves confident accordingly to send important impulses. The important goal, to get the buyer to come to Berlin can just be archived together.

Berlin Fashion Week attaches importance to diversity – Trends, Sustainability, and FashionTech are three main aspects – how important is diversity in the fashion industry? And which aspect holds the most potential for the future?

The fashion world has a lot of potential to offer and I’m always looking for the newest developments. Diversity in fashion is important because everything points towards individualism. Fashion isn’t just a mass product, but an identity feature, which also goes along with different social developments. It stays exciting.

How do you see the future of your fashion brand? What are next steps

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Die Modewelt hat noch einiges an Potenzial zu bieten und ich verfolge selbst immer gespannt die neusten Entwicklungen. Vielfältigkeit in der Mode ist wichtig, denn der Trend geht zum Individualismus. Mode ist nicht nur ein Massenprodukt, sondern ein Identitätsmerkmal, das außerdem mit unterschiedlichen gesellschaftlichen Entwicklungen einhergeht. Es bleibt definitiv spannend.

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Warum ist Berlin für dich als Modedesigner/in so interessant? Was hält dich hier in Berlin?

I’m looking very optimistic into the future but am also trying to not let time pass too quickly or exceed my limits. It’s not always easy of course but I’m sure IVANMAN will find its path.

The Runway show of IVANMAN will take place as part of MBFW on the 5th of July at 2pm, at eWerk Berlin. In January, Mercedes-Benz and the creative agency Nowadys presented their new Fashion Week format for the first time. All shows will additionally be live streamed onto an LED-screen located outside oft he event location and that way, won’t just be accessible for professional audience but also for the final consumer.