Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show in a new location

For the upcoming season of the Berlin Fashion Week (4 to 6 July 2017), the "green" trade fairs receive their international audience for the first time at the Funkhaus Berlin.

"We are looking forward to the July edition of our trade fairs in the Funkhaus Berlin on the Spreeufer, which we were able to book as the first trade fair organizer and which offers us fantastic opportunities for further development," says Olaf Schmidt, Vice President of Textiles & Textile Technologies at Messe Frankfurt.

With the relocation, the growth potential is growing: in contrast to the previous venue - the Postbahnhof at Ostbahnhof - the green fair duo will have, with the Funkhaus Berlin, in the east of the capital, 1,000 square meters more hall space, additional halls and an outside area. The 4,000-square-meter shed hall offers the exhibitors first-class staging options for their products. In addition, the new location opens up the possibility to optimize the structure of both fairs and make them more transparent. The outside area at the Spreeufer is also suitable as an area for evening events. The relocation to the new location is already a further milestone in the development of the green trade fairs.

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