Berlin start-up Kleiderly develops sustainable alternative to plastic

"If a circular economy was implemented, we could halve CO2 emissions from the EU by 2030, hence it is imperative that we employ circular solutions if we want to see a considerable change in the coming years."

100 billion garments are produced every year and 87% of all material used for clothing end up in landfills and incinerators. At the same time, plastics are produced from fossil fuels such as crude oil, contributing to 20% of global carbon emissions. Kleiderly solves both of these environmental problems at once by recycling textile waste into an oil-based plastic alternative. The material can be used to produce anything from furniture to coat hangers to even anti-theft security tags, offering the fashion industry multiple circular and tangible alternatives to re-use their waste. The possibilities on a product level are endless. 

Kleiderly has been founded by Alina Bassi, a Chemical Engineer turned entrepreneur, with a passion for sustainability from a young age. Originally from London, she worked as a Chemical Engineer in large corporations such as ThyssenKrupp as well as startups such as bio-bean, recycling coffee waste into biofuels. After moving to Berlin, she founded Kleiderly with the mission to lower the carbon footprint from the fashion industry and divert thousands of tonnes of clothing waste away from landfills and incinerators. During a trip to Tanzania, she saw firsthand where tonnes of textile waste are shipped to be sold at second hand markets, but the changes in fast fashion have caused these markets to be flooded with low quality garments that ultimately have to be destroyed. In Europe, each individual produces 5.5kg of textile waste per year on average, costing the EU millions. At the same time, 400 million tonnes of plastic are produced annually from fossil fuels such as crude oil, contributing to 20% of global carbon emissions. 

"Textile waste will continue to rise, with 150 billion garments expected to be produced annually by 2050." Alina Bassi

Alina Bassi was recently listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list in the Manufacturing and Industry category. Kleiderly has also been awarded the "Best Startup 2020" by the Lafayette Plug and Play programme as well as finalists in the European Social Innovation Competition. 

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