Green Fashion Fair Berlin

© moji momente
© moji momente
"Buy less, choose well and make it last." – a tribute to Vivienne Westwood. Exclusively sustainable fashion will be presented to customers at this first shopping event during BFW.

This quote by fashion icon Vivienne Westwood is the motto of the GREEN FASHION FAIR BERLIN. In honour of her 80th birthday this year, the organisers of this new Berlin event format are dedicating the premiere to the impressive designer. As a prelude, the event weekend will therefore begin on Friday evening at the Haus Ungarn cinema with a screening of the film "Westwood."

With the GREEN FASHION FAIR BERLIN, a shopping event will open its doors to customers for the first time during Berlin Fashion Week - and exclusively with sustainable fashion!

A new era has dawned in the fashion industry, one that focuses on sustainability, one that is not about 52 collections a year and production at literally any price, as is the case in fast fashion.
The pioneers of the sustainable fashion world in Germany already took this path in the last century and have remained true to it. Since then, and especially in the last 20 years, the world of sustainable fashion has developed enormously. Many young labels have come along with innovative ideas, new designs and the self-confidence to want to change something in the (fashion) world.

At the GREEN FASHION FAIR BERLIN in Haus Ungarn at Alexanderplatz, the designers will be there in person to tell visitors about their philosophy, their working methods, their materials and their origins. Their collections will be presented to the public in choreographed slow fashion shows.

WeDress Collective, NRNY and GIFTD will show that a piece of clothing does not always have to be bought, but can also be borrowed or exchanged. Because the GREEN FASHION FAIR BERLIN is not only meant to be a shopping event, but also wants to present various concepts of the Circular Economy.

Just like Vivienne Westwood, who elegantly combines political activism and fashion, the GREEN FASHION FAIR BERLIN is also about revolution! Fashion Revolution Germany, part of the world's largest fashion activism movement mobilising citizens, industry and policy makers for more transparency in the fashion supply chain, will be present with their participatory action #WhoMadeMyClothes.

The organisers Claudia Albert, founder of the agency moij momente for sustainable event development from Hamburg, and Agnes Friedrich, textile and fashion designer for sustainable fashion labels and organiser of the fashion shows at Neonyt, Bazaar Berlin, Grüne Woche, are primarily interested in presenting their audience with a diverse event with brands, speakers and workshops.

Viola Wohlgemuth from Greenpeace, Alf-Tobias Zahn, author of "Einfach anziehend", Thekla Wilkening, founder of Kleiderei and author of "Das Bio-Pizza Dilemma" are just some of the experts who will provide a look behind the beautiful façade of fast fashion and talk about sustainable concepts in fashion and lifestyle as well as transparency of supply chains and blockchain.

Inspired by Westwood's quote: "Fashion always has to do with sex", the organisers have invited Nadin Schley, journalist and editor of the magazine "Perfumed Garden", for an interview as a special aperitif before the film evening.

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