Blue Tuesday

© Blue Tuesday
© Blue Tuesday
BTy. is a newly launched Berlin-based fashion label with an international team behind it. Creating honest and fresh streetstyle from rethought materials in individual styles.

The founders came to the idea of Blue Tuesday in the Summer of 2019. Their goal was to make custom printed T-Shirts with a unique fit. In order to jump onto the sustainability train, there was no possibility to work with the commercial textiles that are available in the industry today.
Rethinking and finding the perfect fibre took them 2 years and here they are today – creating fresh streetstyle, with an oversized fit from 100% Hemp.

Blue Tuesday wanted to optimize the whole product. Starting with the fibre, up to the point where the costumer is able to use this durable product for many, many years. This viable aspect combined with a street-style attitude is what’s making their product different. It’s honest and fresh. But sustainability goes beyond the product itself. Seeing it as a movement, also includes helping and giving to marginalized groups. This way, all can contribute to build a sustainable future together. For this reason, Blue Tuesday donates parts of their profit to various non-profit organizations.

Hemp compared to cotton in facts:

- Uses 1/3 of the water that cotton needs. The water footprint of cotton fibres is 10,000 litres/kg. True hemp fibres has a global average water footprint of 2,719 litres/kg.

- Produces 3x more fibre per hectare than cotton. The average global production of cotton (1,670 kg) and hemp (1,460 kg) per hectare is quite even. Hemp however can yield up to 3 tonnes of dry fibre per hectare, compared to cotton fibre - 1.35 tonnes per hectare.

- Hemp needs almost no pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides. While cotton uses 6% of the world's pesticides and 16% of insecticides, hemp uses almost none.
Due to the high seeding rate and the rapid growth hemp doesn’t provide a comfortable place for weeds to grow and thus disturbs the cultivation of weeds.