The Sustainable Fashion Week Traveller's Guide

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Sustainability is one of the major topics at Berlin Fashion Week. So it is worth taking a look at sustainable mobility. Here's a rundown of the possibilities Berlin has in store for moving green between the shows, fairs and side events of all Fashion Week organizers.

Time is short and there's a lot to see. The Berlin Fashion Week offers a variety of shows and events in various locations around the city. Certainly that as a visitor you want to take as much as possible with you. Even if it's supposed to go fast, it's worth taking a look at the eco-friendly options.

From the MBFW in Mitte to #FASHIONTECH and Seek in Kreuzberg ...

The route is about three kilometres long from MBFW at the ewerk in Mitte to the #FASHIONTECH and Seek at the Festsaal Kreuzberg.

Our recommendation for this route: The bike or e-scooter!

It offers both a short, soothing break in the fresh air, as well as a nice tour along the River Spree and past one of Berlin's landmarks, Checkpoint Charlie. Bicycles can be easily rented from various suppliers such as Donkey RepublicDeezer Nextbike, LIDL Bike or MoBike and cost an average of between 50 cents and one euro per half hour. If things are supposed to go a bit faster, e-bike and e-scooters are a good alternative.  Uber's JUMP bikes are also found in many locations around the city, costing ten cents a minute. For the e-scooter coup, you pay €2,10 for up to ten minutes and €0,21 for every additional minute.

If you don't want to drive yourself and still want to experience the flair of the city from this perspective, you can also choose a rickshaw shuttle. Similar to cycling, you are, as so often, even faster at your destination than with the motorized competition. And you have a unique experience included! Half an hour on the rickshaw shuttle costs €32, a whole one is €42. 

...  Further on to NEONYT at Kraftwerk Berlin...

If you have already reached the #FASHIONTECH, NEONYT is not far of reach. Only another three kilometres it is to the sustainability hub. Always straight ahead, along the River Spree and across the Landwehr Canal.

Our recommendation for this route: Bicycle or bus

Less than 15 minutes, the 165 and 265 lines will also take you to your destination for €2.80. Just get in at Heckmannufer and get off at Michaelkirchstraße .

If you want to do it without public transport, CleverShuttle offers another good alternative. The electric and hydrogen vehicles are powered by green electricity and are therefore particularly efficient. In addition, the journeys of several passengers are bundled together and the traffic is also reduced. Of course, the CleverShuttle can also be ordered directly for up to four people! From the Festsaal Kreuzberg to Kraftwerk Berlin, you pay about five Euro for ten minutes drive. However, at CleverShuttle, waiting times should always be included.

... Continue to Selvedge Run and Panorama at the Messedamm

The path from the Kraftwerk to Selvedge Run and Panorama at Messedamm is a little longer. A full eleven kilometres lie between the two locations. 

Our recommendation for this route: CleverShuttle or Car2Go

Again, a CleverShuttle is recommended. The destination is reached in 30-40 minutes and the fare for one person is around twelve euros. 
Prefer to drive yourself thanto be driven? Then Car2go is just the thing. A Smart Fortwo is available from as little as €0.19 a minute. The best is, you join together to a larger group for this distance and get a bigger car. This relieves the burden not only on the environment, but also on transport!

There is also the Mercedes-Benz shuttle service. In a 20-minute rhythm, it takes you to all relevant locations. Detailed information on departure and arrival times can be found on the Premium Exhibitions website.

Another, not quite as comfortable, but all the cheaper option is, of course, the BVG here as well. For €2.80, you're at your destination in three-quarters of an hour. Just get in at the Jannowitz Bridge and drive through to the West Cross. A short walk and that the show can begin.

When to use which supply? BerlinMobil and and Jelbi give information!

Of course, there are many more routes that want to be covered during Fashion Week. If you do not know which transport is suitable and when, you should download the app BerlinMobil. Developed by VMZ (Verkehr Mobilität Zukunft) Berlin in cooperation with Broadcasting Berlin Brandenburg (RBB), the app contains all the information and offers you need, regardless of the provider and in real time. Whether bike sharing, car sharing or public transport. Simply select "Low CO2 emissions" in settings and see the best and most environmentally friendly route.

Also developed by the BVG, there is the app "Jelbi." Currently in the testing phase, it provides information about various mobility offers in local transport and thus merges public transport with the different sharing offers of the city. The advantage: Users only need to log in once and upload their driver's license. Then all offers (Drivenow and Car2Go excluded) can be easily used and billed via the app. 

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