Anniversary: Greenshowroom & Ethical Fashion Show Berlin

This season the 14th Greenshowroom takes place during the Berlin Fashion Week. Next to the tradeshow the first Ethical Fashion Show was planned in January 2012 and celebrates its 10th anniversary now. Since then, what has changed regarding to green and sustainable fashion?

“What a great development! 5 years ago we started with 36 labels our first Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin. Today we have three times the amount, “ said Olaf Schmidt, the Vice President of Textiles & Textile Technologies of the tradeshow in Frankfurt. Green Fashion became very important these days. Fashion labels not only try to produce Fair trade, they also look for alternatives like animal products, Upcycling and Recycling of Materials. 

Regarding to the leather production, a lot of other process have been found, to avoid ecological pesticides like “Chromsalz”. The label deepmello for instance, has patented a tanning process, where the leather is produced with the rhubarb root. Dr. Anne-Christin Bansleben , the founder of this label, received many awards because of this innovative idea and is recently elected to the executive of Association of Natural Textiles (IVN). The IVN is an Association with over 100 companies from the leather and textile industry, to guarantee ecological and socially responsible Business. Next to deepmello, there is also the label Nine to Five, who has found alternative options like fish leather and pineapple leather (Maravillas Bags). 

In addition to that, recycling of clothes is still very important. Especially PET and Polyester are materials, which are used from sustainable labels to guarantee a closed circulation of clothes. Knowledge Cotton Apparel is a fashion brand, which fights against plastic. The brand shows at its SS17 collection the process, how to produce fabrics out of PET bottles. They collect bottles out of the sea, press them and melt them to produce yarn. Till 2020 the brand wants to achieve the aim to recycle more than 4,5 Millions of plastic bottles. 

Furthermore the brand Jan’n June has followed a complete product cycling strategy in the collection together with Ina Budde, the designer and winner of the first Green Fashion Awards. They promise fair prices and fair employment relationships for example the family company in Wroclaw/Polen. Every material is certified and transparent. Next to Organic Cotton, they also use PET bottles to produce Polyester for their clothes. 

This season the tradeshow Green fashion is going to introduce successful and innovative process and also the social production. Every participating brand on the Greenshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin produce fair clothes and support social projects, for example the label Studio Jux, which supports the sewer. But also the project “Fair Share” of the company Continental was able to generate fair salaries, by increasing the profit and therefore the salaries of the employers. 

Green and sustainable fashion is not just a fashion trend. It is constantly growing every year because of new eco-friendly ways of producing modern collections. 

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