3 Questions: Chidozie Obasi, Digital Features Director, Le Mile Magazine

©Valentina Valdinoci
©Valentina Valdinoci

What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week?

I'm thrilled by the wide-ranging scope of creative minds on schedule, and the way they always merge technical prowess, innovation and creativity ever sublimely.

What makes Berlin unique for you as a fashion city?

The underground, urban edge you breathe just by walking around the streets.

Which designers or fashion shows stood out to you during your last visit to Berlin Fashion Week? What made them memorable?

I believe SF1OG and Litkovska are the two shows that were most memorable as they were remarkable. Both had a wealth of emotion and perfect sartorial execution - from the venues, poignant soundtracks, to the collections and casting. These brands are leaving a stamp beyond the German fashion map, and it's truly exciting when young designers craft clothes that have a distinctive identity.

Did you notice any unique or distinctive elements of Berlin's fashion scene that are different in regards to other fashion weeks?

It goes without saying that freedom of expression is a huge plus to Berlin's fashion scene, making it incredibly interesting.

How would you describe the atmosphere and energy surrounding Berlin Fashion Week?

Eclectic, innovative, mood-boosting.