3 Questions: David Alarcón, Content Editor & Advertising/Special Projects Manager, METAL Magazine


What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week?

Being one of the unmissable events in the European fashion calendar, I strongly believe that this edition of Berlin Fashion Week will leave great moments. From shows taking place in exciting locations which add an extra dose of identity to the collections, to the diversity of the castings proved by some of the participating brands. I’m looking forward to seeing the latest collections by some of the brightest minds on today's fashion scene on the runway.

What makes Berlin unique for you as a fashion city?

I think it’s got to do with the energy emanating from Berlin, which makes it different from other cities when it comes to the fashion scene. The projects that do not depend on established dynamics and continue to defend their independence prioritizing their creative freedom are alive and you can feel it both in creative epicenters and in the street itself.

Which designers or fashion shows stood out to you during your last visit to Berlin Fashion Week? What made them memorable?

I cannot fail to mention SF1OG, a brand that has gained a well-deserved foothold at Berlin Fashion Week after having demonstrated a recognizable identity that does not follow market trends but keeps a very contemporary spirit. I’d also highlight SIA ARNIKA, LITKOVSKA, whose meticulously detailed garments elevate the concept of elegance, NAMILIA and the great energy we felt in their last show, or DZHUS and their experimental technical garments that leave you speechless. 

How would you describe the atmosphere and energy surrounding Berlin Fashion Week?

The impact and international acclaim a fashion week gains not only depends on the collections presented or the participating brands but also on the community that makes this event a meeting point between industry professionals and fans of design and creativity. I think people who think out of the box and do not miss this event every season are one of the main strengths of Berlin Fashion Week.