3 Questions: Violetta Fedorova, Website Editor-in-Chief, VOGUE Ukraine

©Yurii Yatskulych
©Yurii Yatskulych

What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week? 

For me, this will be my second visit to Berlin Fashion Week and I am happy to witness the birth of a new point of attraction on the fashion map of Europe. Naturally, I am waiting for the shows of Ukrainian brands, for which Berlin has become a second home, it is also interesting to see the collections of Namilia, Fassbender and S1FOG.

 What makes Berlin unique for you as a fashion city? 

Berlin is as a cocktail where a variety of ingredients are mixed. And this is what makes it interesting, very different people live here, each district has its own atmosphere and mood, and this all makes Fashion Week in Berlin very versatile and interesting. It is also imbued with the spirit of freedom, where there is no single standard or clearly defined style - everyone manifests himself as he wants. And, of course, the rave culture is important for city, which affects both the appearance of the guests of the shows, and the special atmosphere of the shows themselves. I also liked that brands are looking for interesting places to showcase their collections. Yes, sometimes it was difficult to move from one location to another, but this helped to get to know the city better, to plunge into the atmosphere of a particular brand.

Which designers or fashion shows stood out to you during your last visit to Berlin Fashion Week? What made them memorable?

I really liked the Namilia collection - amazing atmosphere, bright collection and incredibly diverse casting. It was a strong statement. I also fondly remember the atmospheric show LML which took place in the church of St. Mary. Personally, the style of the brand Fassbender is close to me - I want to see such clothes in my wardrobe and wear them every day.