Faces of Fashion Week: Smart Wearable: Lisa Lang - ElektroCouture

© elektrocouture
© elektrocouture
"Shine Bright like a Diamond" - Lisa Lang makes fashion glow. We met the founder of ElektroCouture and talked about armours, rule breakings and the heart of Europe's FashionTech hub: Berlin.

What does Fashion means to you?

"For me fashion was kind of like an armour. Every morning I kind of was getting ready for war. Fashion was for me important that ‘I feel good in fashion’, that it makes me look strong, that I feel protected. The interesting with me and fashion is that I’m not trained in fashion, I can sow but I never went to fashion school. And that is actually a huge advantage, because I never learned rules, so I think, we broke a lot of rules, because we just didn’t know them and this is the thing about change and innovation." 

Which role plays Berlin as an Fashion location in comparison with other FashionTech capitals? 

"So, the reason why FashionTech works really well in Berlin is because the city is interdisciplinary. It’s easier for people to talk who usually wouldn’t meet, because they usually meet at parties. If you go to Berlin parties, there is not only this group, it’s like a whole array of different disciplinaries. The hierarchies here in the city are very flat. We don’t have that many or that high ivory towers, so the possibility for designer to meet a technologist is actually quite high in comparison to Milan or Paris or London or something like that. It’s very international, we have a huge access to creative people in technology and in fashion."

You have the choice: EC rather trend or the future?!

"So, in my opinion, Smart Wearables, that is the trend, but fashion technology is the longterm business."

See the whole interview:

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