Fashion Future: interview with Christian Bruns from MOON Berlin

©Christian Bruns
©Christian Bruns
Christian Bruns is the founder of the design studio MOON Berlin and has realized the innovative idea of a heatable coat. He can’t imagine a daily routine without this wearable as he told us during our interview.

Inventions like the Heated Coat - a heatable cashmere coat - let us anticipate what kind of additional possibilities the future of the fashion creation holds for us. We asked Christian Bruns, the founder of the design studio MOON Berlin, which developed this coat, questions about how he assesses Berlin as a location for innovations and creations in the sector of Smart Wearables and fashion future.

Please shortly describe who and what MOON Berlin is, how it was founded and what goals and ideals you follow and achieve since the founding?
MOON Berlin is a design studio, which develops products and solutions in the FashionTech area for customers and its own products. We trying to archive the goal to find, especially in the area of clothing, innovative-technical but also sustainable approaches. We work as a team of 5-7 people and are constantly eager to develop products and solutions which don’t look futuristic but integrate themselves into the clothing naturally.

In 2010 you founded MOON in the capital despite your study in Tier. What characterises Berlin as a fashion location in your opinion?
Berlin, as an inspiring and vibrating metropolis of the world, has become the meeting point of progressive developments and forward-thinking personalities in the past decade. In the past five years, we could observe how much the scene of “WearableTech/FashionTech” has developed in this city.

How has the fashion scene of Berlin changed since your first presentation of a collection during the Berlin Fashion Week in 2011?
The fashion scene in Berlin is constantly changing. The establishment of big constant brands hasn’t happened yet, unlike elsewhere. This makes the city very interesting, too.

Would you say Berlin is ahead of other cities in the area of FashionTech?
Berlin offers the chance, due to the creativity and the technical know-how at the location Germany which can be found in the area of textile technology, to work out an international fashion-orientated USP.

Using the term „Smart Wearables”, most people think of a smart watch on their wrist. But the connection between technology and fashion can be more. For example, it can make life easier and solve problems of your daily-routine. One of your smart creations is a heatable cashmere coat - what exactly is it all about?
Die idea of the coat came to me during a conversation with a known Swiss knitting business. The coat looks like a classic cashmere coat, but in the coat integrated are heating elements which turn on and off by a button.

© MOON Berlin

How digital and smart is your personal daily routine? Do you and your environment use Smart Wearables?
Yes, I for example really like to use the heatable coat. I can’t imagine Winter without it…

Can you clean the Heated Coat?
Yes. The coat is can be cleaned regularly at the dry-cleaners.

Do you see any negative aspects of FashionTech? Which new problems will we have to deal with and where will we have to rethink?
Digital smog will be another challenge of which we’ll have to deal with in the future.

What can we expect of the future, where will the fusion of modern technology and fashion design bring us? What is your version of “Future Fashion”?
The Future Fashion area will probably not be as futuristic as we like to imagine right now. I believe that there will be more and more products, which will help us to monitor or have other additional use. The technology will become more and more plain and almost not noticeable to the customer.

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