A-Gain Guide : New GUIDE function turns textile re-use platform A-GAIN GUIDE more interactive!


Again, Again & A-GAIN : The  A–GAIN GUIDE  is a digital platform for the capital that adds its contribution to positively change how to deal with used textiles in fashion, especially in an urban context, and to set in the local cycle. With its new GUIDE feature, it can be individualized even further. In this way, the A-GAIN GUIDE strengthens local networks and as well as infrastructures and gives greater visibility to the actors of recycling.

The platform, developed jointly by the Circular Berlin association and the social business LoopLook as part of the Berlin Re-Use Initiative, is unique in its mission to date and is a funding project of the Berlin Senate Departments for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection and for Economic Affairs, Energy and Operations.

The free platform launched in September 2021 (see article) offers Berliners a way to reuse and recycle their old clothes. With the easy and simple service, the founders of A-GAIN GUIDE (Stefanie Barz and Alessandra-Isabel Hager from LoopLook as well as Arianna Nicoletti, Circular Berlin e.V. and Green Fashion Tours) not only want to contribute to a holistic awareness of fashion and consumption, but also strengthen the use of local offers and develop towards a local textile circular economy. After the successful launch of the digital MAP, the individualizing GUIDE is now even more interactive.

On average, each garment is worn up to seven times.

With the help of an automated question catalog, the GUIDE makes individual suggestions for the further use of used clothing: Until now, users have been able to use a filter function on the MAP to display which alteration tailors, second-hand stores, design studios, collection points, cobblers and other (textile) initiatives were located in their direct vicinity. The interactive GUIDE can now find and display the appropriate offers for each individual textile problem.

"In the extensive research on MAP, we have finally been able to make the very diverse offer in Berlin visible. We now want to bring this existing textile infrastructure even closer to our fellow citizens with the GUIDE and motivate them to give their garments a second, third or fourth chance. With the new GUIDE function, we want to inspire people to be more conscious of their own clothing and its value. Experience has shown us that not all solutions are always obvious, and we now want to solve that with the GUIDE."  Stefanie Barz explained.

" In doing so, through direct access to local resources and urban service offerings, consumers have the opportunity to become an active part of this change process and, most importantly, to strengthen the local economy." adds Alessandra-Isabel Hager.

Smart side effect: The database linked to the A-GAIN GUIDE also enables efficient evaluation of textile re-use and recycling processes and the expansion of cooperative infrastructures within Berlin. "The A-GAIN GUIDE allows us to understand current fashion consumption and clothing use, which problems are more common, how and if suggestions from the platform are adopted, and which ones are favored." In support of climate goals on a nationwide level, the A-GAIN GUIDE is open source-based, making it easily adaptable for other cities and metropolitan areas.