"Open Studio Day" by ElektroCouture x Fashion Council Germany

On January 19th the HQ of ElektroCouture will open its doors for public to present the designs of the #FASHIONTECH Berlin exhibition.

The #FASHIONTECH Berlin will present its latest developments in technology on january 18th again.

In order to make the most modern enrichments and concepts accessible to public, ElektroCouture GmbH and the Fashion Council Germany invite all interested people to the "Open Studio Day" on 19th of January 2017 to get to know the work of the # FASHIONTECH designers.

The designers will be available to answer questions and also the ElektroCouture initiative will introduce itself and present "TheLab", a new bio-chemistry laboratory for the latest developments.

The delegation of the Fashion Council Germany is also on spot. Exchange of selected fashion professionals, representatives of the press and the designers is one of the main reasons for this event, whether from the FashionTech area or the classic fashion designers. In the end every visitor should be inspired by what they get to see.

Lisa Lang (CEO & Founder of ElektroCouture, jury member of the Fashion Council Germany): "Fashion is a new user interface, which makes it easy for us to bring the latest technologies to people. We live in an incredible time - something is always brand new, but we do not have the right ecosystem to try to achieve a vertical integration of both. So we try to do this in Berlin, and believe that this city is the main location for real, wearable fashion technology to vreate this ecosystem right from the beginning. "

The doors of the ElektroCouture Headquater will open on 19th of January 2017 from 2 pm.

Tempelhofer Ufer 17
10963 Berlin, Germany

If you are interested in the "Open Studio Day", please rsvp under the following link: