Future Fashion: Smart Wearable

Berlin stands for innovation!

Berlin is the location for innovative applications in the FashionTech and Smart Wearables sector. 

The market for wearables is growing all the time and has an immense future potential. According to a study by ABI Research, around 18 million intelligent garments are to be sold every year in 2021. In Berlin the fashion industry and the technology sector are already working on sustainable innovations. 

As a start-up metropolis with a dense research landscape, Berlin offers an excellent breeding ground for the development of smart wearables. With the network of creativity and technological innovation, research and industry, start-ups and established companies, all the requirements for the FashionHub are given.

Already during the past seasons of Berlin Fashion Week, the FashionTech/Smart Wearables scene met in the German capital. At the #FASHIONTECH Berlin, innovations were presented and discussed. At the OPEN STUDIO DAY x Fashion Council Germany, the classic fashion industry joined the FashionTech industry and the latest innovations were developed in the "TheLab" by ElektroCouture, a bio-chemistry test laboratory.

Even outside the fashion week, developments are created and presented, so the community meets on the 8th and 9th of June 2017 at the WEAR IT FESTIVAL in Berlin.

In order to highlight this developments in Berlin, Berlin Fashion Week, commissioned by Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie, met the most important protagonists and innovators in the field of Smart Wearables in Berlin. As of May 8, 2017, we will present one every month one smart wearable personality in the format "Future Fashion: Smart Wearable.

campaign film:

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