#FASHIONTECH January 2018: Experts discuss the digitization of the fashion industry

©Premium Group
©Premium Group
Global players, buyers, startups, influencers, marketing experts and journalists will come together again this year at #FASHIONTECH

Since 2015, the #FASHIONTECH Berlin has been a strong part of the Berlin Fashion Week and was launched by the Premium Group as a conference on digitization of the fashion industry. Right time, right place: Since the conference started, it has enjoyed an increasing number of visitors and has brought national and international experts to the stage as well as professionals of the industry.

On 16 January 2017, the #FASHIONTECH Berlin will take place under the motto "Fashioning the Future". The location is new: the conference moves to the Kraftwerk in Berlin Mitte. The two Green Trade Fairs GREENSHOWROOM and ETHICAL FASHION SHOW in Berlin will also be there, as well as the conference format FASHIONSUSTAIN. The #FASIONTECH makes room in the Kühlhaus for the Show & Order.

Experts from the industry, such as AlphaTauri's CEO and Red Bull's head of global consumer products, Ahmet Mercan, managing director of Collabary by Zalando, Stefano Balestra, and the Ethereum developer and founder of LUKSO, Fabian Vogelsteller and others, will meet in the urban location presenting developments in the industry. Together with the audience, the innovations and challenges will be discussed. The goal: to inform the industry about the latest developments of fashion and technology.

Two innovative conferences under one roof

With the conference format FASHIONSUSTAIN, this year the information offered by #FASHIONTECH Berlin will be significantly expanded beyond the already established topics of Future of Retail, Digital Marketing and Communications to the areas of Sustainability and Future of Textiles. Startup presentations, workshops and roundtable discussions give participants and protagonists the opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange, know-how transfer and the development of new business models.

#FASIONTECH is a format of the PREMIUM Group.

Further information and all speakers as well as the program under: http://www.fashiontech.berlin

Registration: http://www.fashiontech.berlin/#