Future Fashion: Smart Wearable - Lilien Stenglein

We met Lilien Stenglein, fashion designer and founder of her label “Finess Design” for an interview and learned about smart Yoga-wear, chakra points and digital yogis!

Lilien Stenglein specializes in fashion tech. She approaches her collection concepts with an interdisciplinary perspective and a business background. In 2012, she graduated with a BA in Corporate Management & Economics, then went on to study fashion design, and in 2016 founded her label Lilien Finess Design.

What means digitalization to you?
"Digitalization for me is to a certain extent very normal, because I just grew up with it. Since then it´s just a constant in my life. Like, I always have it with me and it always surrounds me."

Which role plays Berlin as an Fashion location?
"Berlin plays an important role for FashionTEch, because we already have a great ecosystem here with the hole start-up scene. So, it´s very easy to get in contact with people and to develop new things with people, who bring a different mindset as well as projects or ideas together. So, it´s very vivid here and conversations are always very interesting. And I guess this is the combination, which really makes Berlin special."

What means FashionTech to you?
"FashionTech became a very passionate way for me to express myself as a designer, because it gives me the possibility not only to make garments, but to give those garments an added functionality. It´s more than just dressing. And that´s something I really, really like about the whole FashionTech, it gives you more possibilities."

Watch the full interview here: