Wear It Live: Fashiontech Event

© Jessica Smarsch
© Jessica Smarsch
Wear It Live is a global series of virtual events focused on wearables and body-related technologies

Fashion industry follows different rules than electronics, and with innovative technologies in material procurement and fashion design and smart materials, the world of FashionTech is growing at a rapid speed. What distinguishes the fashion industry from the electronics industry and how the new common space here can connect both industries and promote new business models.
In this edition of “Wear It Live” we invite experts from all related fields of fashion and technology to discuss the future of digital fashion and dive into the world of smart textiles.

These are the speakers:

  • Chhail Khalsa: CEO at Anuvad 
  • Leon Szeli: Co-Founder of Presize Al 
  • Jef Montes: Creative Director at Studio Adaptive Skins (ReFREAM) 
  • Emanuala Corti: Co-Founder at Witsense (ReFREAM)
  • Giulia Tomasello: Interaction Designer at Female Intimate Care (ReFREAM)
  • Ganit Goldstein: 3D Fashion and Shoes Designer at Ganit Goldstein (ReFREAM)
  • Antje Hundhausen: Telekom
  • Oliver Lange / H&M Lab
  • Charlotte Kjellander / Holst Center

The Wear It Live event on the topic of fashion tech at Fashion Week in January 2021 will be held online as a virtual conference and is divided into three modules:

It will start with a discussion on smart clothing with representatives of established brands, research and the new designers working in the space between electronics and textiles. An exciting excursus on the new opportunities and challenges in the new field of digital fashion is expected. 

Afterwards, newcomers and start-ups will present their business models and designs in pitches, with a fast rhythm across the fields of digital fashion.

Finally, the audience will have the opportunity to meet the experts directly at break-out sessions and to network with other participants of the event.

Here in Berlin there are fewer established rules and players, which makes the city a creative hotspot. There are few big companies here that set the rules or determine the scene. In Berlin, everyone can do what they want, which makes the city a fast-moving hotspot for ideas. The fast-paced nature of the city makes it a good ecosystem to integrate new ideas, leading to Berlin being named the start-up stronghold of Germany. To bring all these factors into the fashion world makes Berlin very interesting for me.

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