The „Berliner Fab Lab“ supports young inventors to help them make a start

The Fab Lab in the old "Bötzow-Brauerei" in the Prenzlauer-Berg area is one of the biggest in Germany.

Many young inventors and startup founders have great ideas for sure. To get from the idea to the first prototype, a big evolution step is needed, which many can’t simply make, especially without support. Fab Labs, that have newly accrued in Germany, can help with that. 

Orthopaedics-technic-company supports the project

One of the biggest and best equipped is located in the old “Bötzow-Brauerei” in the Prenzlauer-Berg area. Thanks to the support by the orthopaedics-technic-company Ottobock, aspiring tinkerers find the needed equipment and material, plus a warm social environment, to implement their promising innovative ideas.   

Exchange and networking with others is important

This is a mixture of studio and coworking space, where inventors can not only stoical work on their projects. They place more importance on the exchange and networking with others. Furthermore, specific workstations with special tools are provided. If someone still prefers to be alone, they can do that in once of the many bureaus and meeting rooms.

Tools and instruments are provided

The inventors won’t be left alone with the tools and instruments to work with wood and metal, 3D-printers, CNC-milling machines, micro controller, special designer software and knitting machines for working with textiles. Many machines are supervised and introduction courses are offered for newcomers. This way first possible fears of contact can be eliminated quickly. The isolated inventing in the garage can have an end.

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