Future Fashion: Smart Wearable – Lina Wassong

Engineer, designer and author Lina Wassong draws on the endless possibilities of digital processing of clothing in combination with electronics with her creations. We met Lina Wassong for an interview.

Wearables revolutionize the handling of digital technologies. As smart shirts, networked medical products or intelligent accessories, they support our everyday life. It is therefore not surprising that the market for wearables is growing continuously. Above all, the German capital - which has already made a name for itself as a mecca for Startup founders and fashion - offers designers, engineers and IT staff the necessary space to network with one another and shape the future of fashion.

In order to further these developments in Berlin, the Berlin Fashion Week, commissioned by Berlin Partner for Economics and Technology, has portrayed important figures of the scene as part of the "Future Fashion: Smart Wearable" campaign. One of our first protagonists, with her creations, fully exploits the infinite possibilities of digital processing of clothing in combination with electronics. We asked the engineer, designer and author Lina Wassong for the interview.

The interview:

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