The #FASHIONTECH in July: "Topics of our time" and new location

#FASHIONTECH ©Offenblende
#FASHIONTECH ©Offenblende
This is what we can look forward to at the #FASHIONTECH, in the Festsaal Kreuzberg on the 4th of July.

The so called Topics of our Time, Digital Business, Street Culture, E-sports & Gaming in Fashion, as well as Sustainable Future are the key themes of the #FASHIONTECH on the 4th of July. The speakers holding presentations about specific areas of the fashion industry, will be divided into these four topics. However, presentations are not the only thing the #FASHIONTECH has to offer. The talks are assigned to one of the four areas: #LISTEN!, #LEARN!, #EXPERIENCE! and #BUSINESS. The concept of this division was already present in previous seasons. Aside of listening to the top speaker’s presentations at the main stage, the visitors of the #FASHIONTECH have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the #LEARN! area. In this area, they can listen to the best cases or participate in interactive masterclasses. #EXPERIENCE! stands for the exhibition platform, which belongs to the #FASHIONTECH. This is where the newest technological developments can be seen, allowing for questions to be asked. The area #BUSINESS! is he right place for whoever wishes to generate more business leads and expand their professional network.

New location - Festsaal Kreuzberg

The #FASHIONTECH is moving out of the Kraftwerk, and into the Festsaal Kreuzberg in July. Therefore, the event will no longer be a part of the sustainability hub NEONYT, as it was in the previous season. This time it will be in the proximity of the contemporary and streetwear exhibition SEEK. Chief Business Development Officer, Michael Stracke explains the situation:

“The separation is primarily planned for July 2019. It is very likely that we will be closer to one another in the near future. This mainly has to do with the fact that we have different concepts planned for July 2019. [...] Besides, our PREMIUM Group visitors will benefit from the whole situation, as they will have more business opportunities, since SEEK brands also have a high affinity for technology.”

The closeness to SEEK in terms of content is complemented by spatial closeness. Streetwear can no longer be imagined without digitisation. This will be an essential aspect of the talks taking place at the conference this season. The generation of the digital natives, who grew up with the internet and whose consumer habits have been influenced by Instagram, are also held responsible for a change in thinking of fashion companies. On the other hand, it is becoming cheaper and easier to promote digitisation. Fashion and lifestyle businesses are currently experiencing a digital transformation.

The Topics of our Time

The category Digital Business, is dedicated to businesses and brands, who were founded under the principle of “digital first”. One of these brands is the shoe brand Aeyde.

Luisa Krogmann, the co-founder of the business will speak about her digital first strategy on stage.

The category Street Culture is based on streetwear and how urban wear has been influenced by hip-hop artists and social media. Aaron Levant from NTWRK, will present his new app, which is based on the concept of video commerce.

The category E-Sports & Gaming in Fashion will show how closely the e-gaming discipline is connected to fashion. “E-sports fills huge stadiums and is also becoming more relevant for the fashion industry. At the #FASHIONTECH it can be seen that Moschino, who is in close cooperation with The Sims, or also Jack&Jones and Champions, are highly active in the field of E-sports.” says Stracke.

The presentations of the category Sustainable Future are dedicated to a further vital topic – longing for sustainable fashion and more transparency. The demand for this is actively increasing. Digital technologies are used in various ways, especially in terms of transparency.

Individuals who own a PREMIUM Group ticket have free access to the masterclasses, workshops and exhibition area.

Topic “Digital Business”

On the 4th of July, the speakers of the #FASHIONTECH will be on stage again. “We were able to get the international renowned fashion designer Michael Michalsky enthusiastic about being a speaker at our conference. Furthermore, we managed to convince some – especially in the USA renowned – unicorns, who in future will also play an important role in Europe, even though it’s Independence Day. This shows how relevant we are at the moment.“, Stracke says.

Brian Grevy, CEO GANT
Digitisation along the entire value chain

Luisa Krogmann, Founder & CEO Aeyde
“Digital First” and “Direct to Consumer” brand with a cult status

Salem X
The power of visualisation - If you don’t know, now you know. Fashion + Technology = Love
Speaker collective on stage:
Claudia Rafael
, Art Director (Salem X)
Lukas Rudig, Head of the AI Department (Salem X)
Lukas Henri Schmeck, Creative Director CGI, 3D and real-time (Salem X)
Moritz Tontsch, Lead of Facefilter Department and AR Developer (Salem X)
Mate Steinforth, Managing Parter & Executive Creative Director (Sehnsucht Berlin)
Sebastian Zimmerhackl, Creative Director & Communication (Salem X)
Sebastian Baalbaki & Eliáš Bauhaus, VR-Developers (Salem X)

Topic “Street Culture”

Aaron Levant, Founder & CEO NTWRK
Video Commerce - Shopping via video, through movies of style icons

Tom Woodger, VP Brand Activation, Stockx
The Master Of Brand Collaborations

Michael Michalsky, Creative Director Jet Set
Fashion X Musik and how they influence one another

Topic “Sustainable Future”

Pietro Boselli, Founder Petra Design
Influencer with 3,5 Million followers and founder of the sustainable fashion performance brand: Petra Design

Sandeep Verma, Managing Director Europe
2 Mill shoes in 2 years - Making a Business Case for Sustainability

Lisa Banholzer, Co-Founder & Head Of Content Blogger Bazaar
Tanja Trutschnig, Co-Founder & Creative Head Blogger Bazaar

Interview: Mindfulness - Rethinking Consumption

Topic “E-Sports & Gaming”

How E-Sports und Gaming take over the fashion industry

Panel 1 – E-Sports – From Nerd To Pop Culture. Is Gaming The Next Level Sportswear?

Knut Bergel, COO H4X
Ismail Boulaghmal, CEO Clubkind Marketing
Jens Hilgers, Founding Partner Bitkraft

Panel 2 – Fashion Game Changers: Using Games As A Medium To Drive Engagement And Self-Expression

Joe Nickolls, VP & General Manager EA Maxis
Andrea Hopelain, VP Global Brand Marketing EA Sports
Gabriele Maggio, General Manager Moschino