5 questions to Lina Berg

We talked with topmodel Lina Berg about her hometown Berlin, the real life as an international topmodel and about advices for newcomer models.

The Berlin model Lina Berg celebrated her first catwalk debut at the age of 24 and walked at 36 international Fashion Weeks in Spring/ Summer 2015. Since that time she has been on many famous fashion magazine covers like Numerò, Vogue or Tush and she was photographed for Lookbooks of Alexander Wang, Chloé or Stella McCartney. Now she is an important part of every international runways in New York, Paris, Milano and more. We asked her questions about her hometown Berlin, her breakthrough and the true life of a successful female model.

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of Berlin as a base for Newcomer Models?

Berlin is a relaxed, creative and honest city and in my view it is perfect to gain first model experiences without a high pressure. Nevertheless I think if you want to work as an international successful model, you will have to take first steps in the big fashion cities. Of course many great shootings are produced in Berlin and the city has its own Fashion Week too, but compared to others in the international fashion market Berlin doesn’t get the same attention.

Which advices can you give young models, who are taking their first steps to survive the fashion world?

Always be yourself! The fashion world can be very hard. Everybody has a different taste and expects something different from you, no matter if it’s the agency or the customer. Some persons think you are too short, too big, fat or too thin, calm, loud, boyish or too girlish and more. It is very important to like yourself and do not copy other models. In the end individuality and a healthy self-confidence is the best way to survive. Moreover you should never forget that nobody rescues lives in this business, that’s why you don’t have to take it too serious. Just have fun! The second carrier is coming at least when you are too old for the fashion business.

You are not only on international fashion covers, you have also walked for almost all fashion designers. Finally we saw you on the Malaika Raiss and Lala Berlin Runway Shows at Berlin Fashion Week. What is your opinion on the potential of Berlin fashion designer?

There are many great and talented fashion designers in Berlin and the range of styles is big. Nevertheless I have the feeling that designers who decided or have to stay in Berlin are doing hard reaching an international breakthrough.

It is often said that German models are very popular. What about your experiences, what is the secret of a “German model” ?

I think many qualities, which are associated with Germans in general entail a big advantage in the model business. Punctuality, honesty, precision, patience and professionalism are very important for costumers. Most of the German models I know have exactly these qualities. In addition the German models personify a certain image of women. The German model is strong, self-confident, changeable, grown-up, powerful and clear in her expression.

What do you like most during Fashion Weeks?

It is always great to see well-known faces, to talk to each other about the past half year and to “survive” new, beautiful and crazy things together. Moreover the moment when you access the catwalk is always a great experience, especially when the location was cancelled or the music didn’t play. However the fashion week time is the most stressful time of the year because you have to live in four cities within four weeks. It is not rare to have 20+ hours a day. At this time I’m very excited when I’m able to eat or to sleep.

Lina Berg’s final word

Berlin “ick liebe dir” and your very characteristic forms. “Du bist dufte wie de bist”, nobody needs a second hectic New York!

Lina Berg is under contract to m4 Models Management: http://www.m4models.de