Five questions with Jörg Wichmann

We met Jörg Wichmann, CEO of Messe Berlin Panorama Mode, to talk about Berlin as a fashion capital, the start of Panorama Digital and the pros and cons of the technological expansion.

We met Jörg Wichmann, CEO of Messe Berlin Panorama Mode, to talk about Berlin as a fashion capital, the start of Panorama Digital and the pros and cons of the technological expansion.

It is he first time the Panorama Fashion Trade Fair Berlin will offer a digital tour of the trade fair, which is still available a half year later on your website. What is new compared to the digital tours of other fairs?

Jörg Wichmann: In comparison to other fashion fairs, who are represented just contents on their websites, Panorama Digital is a complete virtual world in which the visitors look around and can generate additional benefit for themselves. Here it is not about individual products or collections that are shown on the Panorama Berlin, it is about the event itself. About POIs (Points of Interest) you can request detailed information and lookbooks. The real focus is on the experience, the new way to visit a fair in a playful application, which should be fun. In addition, Panorama Digital is the perfect tool to promote the Panorama Berlin transparently and honestly. Buyers can make a detailed real picture of the event and all exhibitors in this way.

What benefits do you expect from this new type of trade fair visit both for the exhibitors as well as for the Panorama Berlin?

J.W.: Panorama Digital is the extension of the physical event over three days on the entire season, which will increase the visibility of the exhibitors enormously, especially international. You can walk through the fair and discover something new, check the collections and more buyers and a lot more.

Panorama Digital is also a response to the stressful and small time window of the buyers in Berlin. You get the chance to have a look without rush.

Do you think that the digital fashion fair can replace the real fashion fair in the future ? Why is a real visit still important?

J.W.: No, a virtual fashion trade fair can never replace the real one!

Nor, as a profile on dating sites can replace true love. It is about informations but the business is still done in the B2B area from person to person and you should not underestimate this idea. Ultimately the fashion industry is a community that is among themselves dependent on industry meetings and exchanges. Virtuality can never replace reality!

What else is new this season at the Berlin Panorama?

J.W.: For the Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 season, we have to come up with a lot of news Besides the optimization of the core segments , we present out new concept store area called NovaConcept on 7,500 m². There we present the trendsetting fashion with selected lifestyle articles . Another new feature is the new shoe and accessories part in Hall 8 as well as the POP MART for Young Fashion in Hall 5 and NOW, our segment for fashionable immediate-delivery-programs in Hall 6.

What you are most looking forward to during the Berlin Fashion Week?

From the fashion aspect Berlin continues to be a source of ideas, trends lab, space for news as well as it iis Europe's most vibrant metropol. Most of all I look forward to the talks with our exhibitors and trade visitors - they are all together the compass for our further development. As a service provider we always try to create a product as close as possible to the needs of the industry in order to ensure that potential changes are also relevant to the market to be accepted.

But of course I am particularly looking forward to the launch of Panorama Digital and the feedback.

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