Marketing is more than advertising

Claudine Brignot – fashion designer and programme director of fashion marketing – explains how to optimally sell a business idea.

Professor Claudine Brignot is director of the degree course fashion marketing at BSP Business School Berlin – Hochschule für Management. Based on her experience she knows how to connect theory and practice, management and fashion design with one another. The graduated designer founded her own label (urban speed/Claudine Brignot) and owns a boutique in Berlin-Mitte. Claudine Brignot talks to us about the role of marketing when founding a business.

How does one define their marketing strategy?

When founding a fashion business, you need to think about a story based on and around the product. It’s important to know, what kind of story is to be told around this product. As a consequent, you’ll be able to build the marketing in regards to visuals, such as pictures, films, colors, and storytelling, meaning the whole communication, which is connected to such.

What kind of communication- and advertising strategies work best for my own business idea?

For fresh companies and startups, I’d recommend a mixture of unconventional surprising Guerilla-type operations and online-marketing – Fashion works very visually. That’s why Instagram should be the first choice of advertisement platform, in my opinion. 

Would you recommend co-operations?

For new companies, co-operations with established businesses can mean a growth in popularity. For established and well-known companies, engaging in a co-operation with a young designer can be interesting. Those businesses can reach new target groups and of course experience a rejuvenating cure in general.

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